Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finally back!!

The computer is finally working a bit better. Adam still has some work to do on it. I'm really going to have to do this post quickly. It's after 8 and I am leaving on vacation in the morning. Now ask me if I've packed. NOT! Haven't even started. I have shirts to iron. Laundry to finish. Stitching to get the idea. But I couldn't leave without updating the blog and saying goodbye! The shack is calling my name though so I better get this done and start doing what I need to be doing!

I promised in my last post to share some pictures from Last Saturday Stitching. We had such a good time. There were 11 of us this week. The food was good, the company better. Those that couldn't come were very much missed and hopefully we will see them next time. Here's a pic of the entire group. You can click on the picture to make it bigger

Starting with the lady in red, that's my boss and friend Maryann. Maryann is working on an Ink Circles design. To her left in the white T-shirt is Mary, she was working on Just Nans Floral 15 Biscornu. That is one gorgeous pattern! She also brought her finished Red Thread Sampler in to be framed. It was beautiful! Then we have Mary's mom Lois. Lois is one of our oldest stitchers. She was finishing up LHN Traveling Stitcher. You can just see Linda's head peeking out from behind Lois' head. She was stitching little tiny house things but I'm not sure what she was going to do with them and I don't remember now who they were by. ( its almost a week later, we've established before that my brain leaks like a sieve! I'm doing good to remember their names! LOL!) Stacy is up next. She's the baby of the group. Let's see, what was Stacy working on... I remember! She's working on a spool tree for a Christmas present. That blank spot with the big ass mug in front of it is me. I love my mug. Deb is to my left, she's our newest member. I can't think of what she was working on. She brought in a beautiful piece to be framed also. Stephanie was sitting next to Deb and I can't remember what she was working on either. It's entirely possible that I never saw what she was doing. Carol is the one smiling. I don't think I saw what she was working on either. You can just barely see Nancy, she is the least experienced stitcher and is very insercure about her stitching. We keep telling her she is doing just great. And she is! Nancy is stitching a little poppy design. Finally we have Doreen. Once again I don't know what she was stitching. Doreen was so impressed by Marys Red Thread Sampler that she had us order the charts for her.

Below is Stephanie, Carole and Nancy

Doreen and Maryann

Lois and Linda

Up next is the picture stitched by one of my favorite customers. Pat brings her stuff in, lays it on the counter and says "Call me when it's finished!" This is a double edged sword. It puts it all on me which is fun! But it puts it all on me which is scary. I always worry she won't like what I choose or that I have spent too much money. So far so good though. I really like how this came out. I hope you do too!

Finally I have my Chatelaine wip to show you. I have been taking a break from the Princesses for a couple of weeks. This was before stitching on Saturday.

The After:

Doesn't look any different does it. That would be because I only put 4 stitches in. That's right, 4 stitches the entire 6 hours. F-O-U-R. I'm a failure.

Do I redeem myself a little if I show you this? I've done this since Saturday.

Not tons done but remember, I'm getting ready to leave on vacation and I've been busy! Well, it's now 9 and I am no further along with my packing. While I would love to try and make this a more interesting post, I just don't have the time. I hope you understand. I will be gone until the 11th. Unless my nieces and nephew drive me nuts and then I will be home sooner. I'll take some pictures to share with you, but don't expect much. When I say shack, I mean shack.

Thanks for hanging in there through this long and somewhat uninspired post. I will try to do better when I get back. You all have a great 4th of July and I will see you when I get back.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Post without a Picture is like...

Cake without frosting. It's good but not great. :( Adam brought my new computer today. Only he forgot a couple of things. Like the ability to get pictures from my SD card to the computer so I can post them . Bad Adam! He also skimped on the graphics card and I can't even describe what my Zuma and Luxor games looked like when I tried to play today. Bad Bad Adam.

I was going to write about Last Saturday Stitching and post some pictures I took but now I can't. I was going to show you the progress I didn't make on my Chatelaine wip. But now I can't. I was going to show you a cross stitch that I framed for one of my favorite customers. She picked it up Saturday. But now I can't. That will all have to wait for another day.

In the meantime, may I just say that I now know how the little red hen felt when she wanted to make a loaf of bread and no one wanted to help her make it but they all wanted to eat it when it was done. I was at the grocery store at 7:00 this morning. Came home, made dipping eggs, sausage, toast and grape juice for breakfast. Started baking and cooking for vacation and I've been at it until about 6 o'clock tonight when I sat down to eat the supper I made for Dan and I. Not once did Amy offer to help. I know darn well she's going to want to eat what I made. And I find myself feeling a bit resentful. And not one bit inclined to share that which I worked so hard to make.

On that note, I'm going to go sit down and stitch for a bit. Maybe I'll feel better.

Till next time!