Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A New Start and Prom pics

Good Morning!!

Hoping to make this a fairly short post. I finished my Erica Michael's Papillon project but it's at work so I don't have a picture to show you. It's bee-u-ti-ful though. I started a new project, Golden Ice and this is my progress so far. Probably you will have to click on the pictures in order to actually see some of the stitching. Black is crap!! It was much easier back in the day when my eyes were better. That's why I decided now was a good time to do this, if I wait any longer it's not going to happen.

This past weekend was Prom. It was a beautiful day for it, mild temps, not too windy. Amy looked beautiful in her dress and had a great time at the dance in spite of still being sick. Yep, that's right. She got sick long about Tuesday and is still not quite up to par. The group she and the boy went with decided not to go to post prom this year. Last year they had it at Dave and Busters, the kids all had a blast and were looking forward to it again this year. Except some idiot parent complained that there is a bar in Dave and Busters. So the parent association decided to have Post Prom at a local bowling alley instead. Which also has a bar. Seriously. I wouldn't kid about something like that. I'm still trying to figure that one out. So out of the 600 kids that attended prom, 120 tickets were sold for post prom and only about 60 kids actually showed up. So 540 kids were out on the streets doing God knows what because some parent didn't approve of Dave and Busters. So to the parent that complained and the parent association that made the brilliant decision to have post prom at a bowling ally, I say......Way to go! Anyway, here's Amy before the boy arrived.

With the boy:

the 4 girls in the group:

That's all, I don't want to bore anyone!

Last week Abby was also sick. She had gone to visit the new boyfriend over the weekend and on Monday night informed me that she had developed a sore throat and wasn't feeling well that day. Tuesday morning after she left for school, I received a text from her asking if I would make her a Dr. appt. Tuesday afternoon, I received another text.

Abby: I am really sick
Julie: Define really sick
Abby: Like the strep throat, tonsillitis, abscess on my tonsils, shot in my butt sick
Julie: Oh, that doesn't sound good.
Abby: My butt really hurts!
Julie: Best go home and go to bed
Abby: But I don't feel bad
Julie: You are contagious. Go To Bed!

That evening when I arrived home from work, she was in tears because her throat hurt so bad and was so swollen she couldn't swallow her own spit. I hate it when my kids are sick. Got her started gargling with salt water, gave her pain meds and tucked her back into bed. It took 2 days before she was feeling better but by Friday there was no containing her. She felt better could swallow again and needed to get out of the house so off she went to school and out with friends that night. I swear, she was giddy with delight at being able to leave the house!

I need to get my day started so I wish you all a wonderful Tuesday, thanks for stopping in and commenting!

Take care,