Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Almost Dead Family, Paulette Stewart, Jenny Bean Update and a thrifty find

I have to tell you that I almost killed my entire family when I came downstairs last Tuesday. If you read my previous post you will know that the last thing I said to them before heading to bed on that Friday was do the dishes and wipe off the counters. Can you believe that when I came down I found that not only had the dishes not been done the entire time I was sick but the counters were never wiped off either! I know I raised the kids to do their chores and when I tell them specifically to do something I expect it done. Somehow, now that they are grown they feel that it is no longer necessary. I'm not sure how that happened but I made damn sure everyone in the house knew I wasn't happy. I must have made my point because everyone, including Dan has been very good about cleaning up this past week. They better not slip back into their old ways either or they may wind up dead anyway!

Last Friday Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers came to the shop to discuss our retreat. For those that might not know, she is designing a special chart for our retreat and will be also be attending the retreat for part of the day, most likely the Saturday. This was the first time I had met her in person and I must say she is delightful! I'm sure many of you have seen her soon to be released chart called "The Flood". Paulette brought her model with her to show us and I have to say she has outdone herself with this one. It.Is.Stunning!!! And I am not a Noah's Ark fan! The picture doesn't do it justice but I swiped it from her facebook anyway. 

She also brought Hare's Autumn and Hare's Winter. Both are adorable and must haves for this Hare's fan!

I promised to share my thrifting treasures with you in my last post. If you have been a long time reader of my blog you might remember this post about thrifting with my husband and you also might remember that thrifting with my husband is something of an adventure. He makes up stories about every item he picks up, and let me tell you, he picks up everything. I warned Connie about this before Dan joined us so she wouldn't be taken by surprise. To my surprise, Miss Connie jumped right on the band wagon and started making up her own stories! I was outnumbered for sure! Thankfully I was able to talk to the two of them out of the leather water flask that supposedly came from Morrocco, the railroad spike that was the very first spike used in the transcontinental railroad, the pottery that was from Pompeii, and a Peruvian something that had been dug up by the Indians in the Andes mountains. So what did we come home with?

The first item is a silver teapot that according to Dan if you rub it a genie will appear and grant you 3 wishes. I've rubbed the dang thing off and on since Saturday and so far, no genie. But that's okay cuz I really like it, genie or no genie! 

And here she is with all her tarnished friends:

I'll share another of my finds in my next post.

I haven't done a ton of stitching since recovering and nothing while I was sick but I did finish filling in that middle part of Jenny Bean and I have another of the houses done. I changed the colors of the house as you can see. I sure hope when I get this finished that I like it! What do you think? 

I need to mention that Cranberry Samplings is having a wonderful giveaway to celebrate her 300th follower! Quite the impressive feat! Congratulations! Head on over there if you haven't already!

That's it for today folks. Thanks for the get well wishes on my last post, I am feeling better every day.

Take care till next time!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rejoining the land of the living!

Been a while hasn't it? In my defense I do have a good excuse. I was sick! Sick as a dog sick. Took to my bed for 5 days sick and I never go to bed when I am sick. Sicker than I can ever remember being sick. I started feeling bad on January 20th. Had a tickle in my throat during the day but by that evening I felt like I had been hit by a truck. Went to work briefly on Friday to do a couple of framing jobs that needed to be done and then went home. Made supper that night and went to bed, told the family to do the dishes and wipe down the counters and that was it until I stumbled down the stairs on Tuesday afternoon. I vaguely remember going to the doctor on Saturday, missed my birthday entirely on Sunday the 23rd and on Tuesday when I came down the stairs it was to head to the Dr. again. I couldn't stand not being able to take a deep breath and when I was breathing I was also squeaking. Having 2 kids with asthma has taught me that the two symptoms are not a good sign so I took myself off to the Dr. where after listening to my litany of symptoms both past and present, he stuck a long q-tip up into my brain while saying, this is going to hurt a bit, not only did I see stars but I swear I saw horns sticking out of the mans head and heard chuckling while he was wiggling around up in there. The verdict was I did not have influenza but pseudo-influenza. Looks just like the real thing only not. After refusing a shot of steroids, apparently I wasn't so sick that I would willing submit to that, he gave me an inhaler and told me to hang in there, it would all be over soon. I wasn't sure quite how to take that but opted to believe he meant the being sick would be over soon and not that my life would be over soon. Went back to bed and by Thursday morning I was up and sorta recovered enough to go to work for a few hours. Worked a short day Friday too. In fact, it wasn't until just yesterday that I could take a deep breath without pain and a coughing fit. So what did I do? I went thrifting! And then I paid for it last night with several bouts of coughing throughout the night. I mustn't be as recovered as I would like to think. But it was worth it. I took my friend Connie with me and Dan joined us later and the 3 of us had a great time. Found several treasures that I will show you over the next few posts. I could write a book today if I wanted to but I think I will keep it short since I should be doing things like the laundry, the grocery shopping, cleaning the house etc. etc. etc...

Take care till next time!