Monday, April 25, 2011

Squatters, stitching and a scissor fob

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend.  We were supposed to go over to my sister's for Easter but they were all sick so we just stayed home and had a relaxing day.  Ate a non-traditional dinner of steak, garlic bread, fruit salad, baked potatoes and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Easter dinner was delayed quite a bit though due to unexpected visitors.  Adam had a flight to catch and needed to head to the airport by 3:30 so I had planned dinner for 2:00.  Dan went into work and was to be home by 1:30 to start the steaks.  I put the taters in the oven at 1:00 so they would be ready by 2:00, made the fruit salad, cut up the strawberries, buttered the garlic bread and was on target to serve dinner at 2:00 sharp.  Dan arrived home, I gave him the steaks and sent him out back to start grilling.  Only he wasn't out there but a minute before he came back inside, crossed his arms over his chest and said..."You're gonna want to take a picture of this".  I'm thinking, what, a picture of you grilling?  Been there, done that.  So I replied, a picture of what exactly?  "Just get your camera and come out here".  Aw shit.  It can't be anything good and I had a sneaky suspicion I knew what was coming...and I was right.  SQUATTERS!  Damn BIRD squatters!!  Are you freaking kidding me??

First the attic and now our grill.  Between the rabbits eating my car and the birds wanting to co-habitate with us I've about had it with wildlife!  It took us, and by us I mean Dan, an hour to move the nest, clean up all the debris and scrub down the grates. I mean, who wants to eat a steak that's been cooked on a grill full of bird crap and god knows what else!  Gross!! Nasty stuff I tell ya!

Adam had to eat and run due to the delay.  He left in such a hurry that he forgot his last load of laundry in the dryer.  That's nothing new though, he did that the last time too and he wasn't running late that time!  It was wonderful having the boy home but I think he was ready to leave by Sunday. 

Not much to show in the way of progress on Tuscan Rose.  Just more of the same but I will share it anyway. 

I also want to share the beaded scissor fob that was made by Abbie.  She attended our retreat and wanted to make everyone at retreat a scissor fob.  She had us all write down our color preference and address and then shortly after retreat fobs started showing up!  I had requested black and white.  It looks so cute attached to my black and white ginghers which are resting in my black and white shabby chic scissor beak bird! Thanks again Abbie!

I going to go sit down and stitch now since I am temporarily home alone.  Took Amy back to school this morning and Dan is still working.  The puppers are here though so I'm not lonely and they will snuggle up next to me once I am off the computer.  Have a great night everyone!

Take care till next time!