Thursday, March 21, 2013



Been a while, hasn't it?  Were you thinking I went off to Nashville and never came home??  I came home but   I've been running non-stop since then.  I anticipate the next few weeks being more of the same.

A while back I finished the Strawberry Hill Sampler from With Thy Needle and said I would show it when I was done with the finishing of it.  That finally happened today!  I really like how it turned out so if you hate it, please keep it to yourself!  LOL!!

I found this box at Hobby Lobby some time ago and have been waiting for something to put on the top.  Originally when I was stitching Strawberry Hill I intended to mount it on the candy box it calls for but then I remembered I had this box in the basement and decided to use it instead.



I love it.  Dan sanded the box so it was nice and smooth, primed it and then I painted an undercoat of red followed by black and then a dark gray.  Dan then did a bit of distressing on it.  After that he flocked my drawers or my box, however you wish to call it (we've been having a lot of fun with that one!) and then  I mounted my piece on the top. I wish he could have flocked my box with black but apparently there is a shortage of black flock and I would have had to wait 6 weeks.  Who knew you could have a shortage of flocking???  Being the impatient soul that I am I didn't want to wait so he used the least offensive color he could find.


The drawers are removable for extra storage

The box originally had a mirror in the inside mounted on the lid but I wasn't feeling it so I covered that up with fabric that I button tufted.  First time I tried that but it was really pretty easy to do.
I added my little bits and bobbles and it's finished and on display at the shop.  We're going to finish a second box in case someone comes into the shop and wants one but I have no clue what to price it at.  I'll have to ponder that one for a while.

I had a bit of a stressful day today and I'm tired so I'm going cut this short.  Hope you are all doing well out there in blogland.

OH!  One last thing...someone asked and I am too lazy to go look now who it was but they wanted to know the designer of the bare butted folks that I showed in the Needleart  Exhibit a post or so ago.  It's a kit from Design Works and can be found on the Herrschners website.  

Take care till next time!