Saturday, September 3, 2011


Good Morning!

I am just popping in for a few minutes to say THANKS for the prayers...I think they worked!!  To give you a little background, almost 2 years ago, in order for the shop I work at to survive we entered into an agreement to share a bay with the devil vacuum cleaner dude in the bay next to us.  This would have worked fine if he had stuck around to run his own side of the store but after 3 months, his help at his other store quit and he went over there and never came back.  We have run his store ever since and have received nothing for doing so.  Dude's business has steadily dropped since he quit being there, who wants to buy a vacuum from a custom picture framer?  We had no training for the job so were not very helpful if people asked questions or needed something that required a bit of knowledge.  We were under the impression he would be moving out at the end of the lease since that is what he had been telling us was going to happen.   When I asked for prayers it was because he had told us he had sold his business and the new owner did not wish to move so we would have to.  Dude held the actual lease and we sub-let from him so we did not have any legal standing with the landlord.  His hands were tied.  Our current location has been so good for us that moving elsewhere made no sense.  The bosses looked at another, much larger bay 2 doors down and in spite of it being more money, decided to lease it.  Only someone else got there before us.  Long story short after several weeks of stress, ups and downs, thinking things were going to work out and then having a wrench thrown in the mix,  my boss and dude reached an agreement and he is moving out.  In fact, he should be out after this weekend.  The majority  is already packed up!  However, I won't feel completely comfortable and at ease until November when the original lease expires and the bosses have signed a new one.  So if you think about it over the next couple of months send up a quick prayer that all goes well.  It's going to be a great thing for the shop to have the vacuums out of there and we can't wait to paint and make it all purty!  It was hard to do anything with 50 vacuums all over the place!  Not to mention bags, and belts of every shape and size known to man!   It's going to be a ton of work getting it all fixed up but I'm so excited about the possibilities ahead of us!!

What are your plans for this holiday weekend?  I was going to clean my house some but Dan has grounded me to the chair.  I had to go to the Dr. this week because I started experiencing pain in my left Achilles tendon.  That's right, the supposedly good ankle! It was a very familiar pain.  Diagnosis:  Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis most likely caused from wearing that dang boot.

So I am now having physical therapy on both feet/ankles and they will re-evaluate when I go back in 3 weeks.  Not much they can do for the left one without messing up the right one.  So I guess the 3 inches of dust are going to have to stay right where they are for now and as for me....I'll be in my chair stitching on Elizabeth while watching HGTV.  Things could be worse!

Take care till next time!