Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A post to tide you over while I work on a retreat post.

Helloooooo?   Helloooooo?   Helloooooo?  Anybody out there? there?  there? there?  

Yeah, I know, long time no post.  No excuse other than laziness I suppose.  Well, that and I just didn't feel like editing all the pictures from retreat.  I wish either my camera skills were such that my pictures didn't require editing or that my camera automatically edited the pictures for me thus saving me the time and trouble of doing it. See it really all goes back to laziness! Hello, my name is Julie and I am a lazy bum.

I'm not finished with editing the  retreat pictures but the grumbling of certain people has finally irritated encouraged  me enough that I figgered I best post something on here in the meantime.

I can't believe it is already the middle (almost) of October.  I wish winter went by as fast as summer and fall seem to or maybe I wish summer and fall lasted as long as winter seems to. Either way, winter is just around the corner and I don't feel like it should be.  The shop is gearing up for the Christmas rush on framing, Dan and I are discussing the village open house and what changes need to be made.  I pulled him off the kitchen to get the birds that were ordered finished so I didn't have that guilt hanging over my head so once he finishes the birds he has to finish the kitchen or there won't be any open house this year.  The kids birthdays are all coming up starting with Amy's this Friday and the garage is still crammed full of stuff that needs to be gotten rid of so my car can fit in it before the cold hits.  I'm a little leery about icy sidewalks this year due to the continued pain in my ankle and foot.  Last thing I need is to slip and fall. I'm still in PT for both ankles and I am still struggling with pain.  I'm not able to stand or walk for very long so I am behind at work which stresses me out.  Our customers are used to a quick turn around and they aren't getting it.  So far everyone has been mostly understanding.  But I can see the writing on the wall the closer it gets to the holidays and the crap is gonna hit the fan then.  So lets put the brakes on and make October last for an extra 2 or maybe 3 weeks this year.  Everyone okay with that plan?

Been doing some stitching and working on birds.  My friend Connie loves everything Paris so I hunted and hunted for some Eiffel Tower paper to fill her request for a bird.  Took me a while but I finally found paper that I liked and was able to present her with her bird last week.  She'd been patiently waiting since March and thankfully she was thrilled with her bird.  I also made her a little matching needle minder to go with it.

I finally got around to stitching another of  Paulette's  Hare charts.  This time it was her Autumn Blessings Freebie.  Had to change the colors a bit (don't I always?) so the rabbits would show up on the gold fabric I chose.  Now to get it made into a pillow.

Double Dutch is coming along well.  I say that but I don't really mean it.  Seems as though I stitch and stitch and then stitch some more and still no progress is made.  I know progress is being made, it just doesn't feel that way and I am chomping at the bit to start something else!!  Sucks that I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't start another large project until I have finished it.  I did sneak in the rabbits though which helped and I am working on Bent Creeks Noel Row off and on which also helps and Elizabeth on the weekends but mostly it's been Double Dutch so I can get the dang thing finished!!!!! Anyway, here's an update for you.

The family is all doing well.  Adam has put in for a job back here in Omaha.  No offense to all of you in the DC area but it's just not his cup of tea.  It'll be a while before we know whether he gets it or not.  The bad part is he has met a nice young lady while out there and he feels bad about leaving.  She however, was born and raised in DC and has no wish to see what Omaha is like.  Abby is still working PRN at the hospital and going to UNO to finish her bachelors degree.  Her blond hair is now a dark auburn and last Saturday she added clip in hair extensions.  Add in a spray tan and when she walked into the shop I didn't recognize her at first!  She is celebrating one year of dating her boyfriend this month and announced that she thinks it's time for me to get to know him better.  Uh-oh.  Amy is doing well at UNL.  She's officially changed her major to pre-med.  She wants to be a shrink.  I'm a bit uncomfortable with that idea as I know that every word out of my mouth will now be analyzed.  I know I'm messed up but I don't need my daughter telling me so!  Fall break starts this weekend and  Amy is flying to Seattle to visit a friend up there. She's a bit nervous about it.  She has never flown by herself before and the last time she flew, she threw up all the way home from DC.  Hopefully this will be a better trip.  Dan is busy working on birds and all the other stuff I can't do yet like grocery shopping, yard work, and quite often the cooking and dishes.  He's been a real trooper and I don't know what I would have done without him!

Think that's about all I have for now.  Hopefully I will finish up the editing and be able to post about retreat this weekend.  I have both days off so barring any unforeseen activities we should be a go!

Oh, and Carole, if you read this you should definitely duck and run!  LOL!!!  Doreen, consider yourself head slapped!!  Remember I know where you two live.  Just saying...

Take care till next time!