Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two finishes, dirty secrets and messages from God

I don't want to get into a whole religious debate here but, do you ever wonder if the things that are happening in your life are just coincidence or if it is actually the answer to a prayer and it's God's way of being subtle? I really wish he'd just send me a registered letter and spell it out for me instead of the constant is it or isn't it? I'm not that good at reading between the lines! That's all I'm going to say on the subject.

Mary Ann has done it again. She's finished another cross stitch picture and it turned out so stinking cute! I'm going to have to stitch this one for myself I think. Someday. When I get everything else done. Cuz I'm really not going to start anything else. Not until I am finished with one of the projects I already have going. I swear. Cross my heart and all that other stuff. Anyway, here is The Boys Are Back In Town by Just Another Button Company. Frame is by Zaps, I told him to make something that looked dirty and old and I think he did a good job! (click images to enlarge)

I've finished my Live, Love , Laugh by La D Da! Gotta decide on the framing next. If I mat it, it won't fit on the book shelves as easily as it would unmatted so I'm going to have to play some today and make a decision.

In other shack sold. Full price, which wasn't much but still more than I thought anyone would pay. I am shocked and heartbroken, even though I know that in the long run it's better for my financial situation. My sister was devastated also. I really wish I didn't have to sell it.

Abby is up in Minnesota...she comes home today though. I spoke with her last night. She tried water skiing and managed a whole whopping 5 seconds before going kersplat! She also said her asthma and allergies were really bad so I'm glad she is coming home. Although, by my reaction this year it won't be much better for her here. I'm not usually affected much by allergies but they hit yesterday like a ton of bricks! I swear, I needed to sneeze most of the day and just couldn't do it. I had that burning, itching in the nose and the watery eyes thing going on and for the life of me, I could not sneeze. So last night while cooking dinner, I have to confess that I snorted pepper. You can't get addicted just doing it once can you?? :) It certainly did the trick! I sneezed quite a few times and felt much better then!

Amy is busy entertaining her friend Katherine. I kind of feel bad for K. as Amy has to go to school Thursday for half the day to register and sell year books and all day on Friday. Katherine will go with her Thursday but has decided that all day on Friday is a bit much. She's going to stay here and watch the first season of Leverage on DVD.

Adam called yesterday. He had his interview for the New Orleans job. It is between him and one other person. If they offer it to him, and he takes it, he has to be there by this coming Monday. Yep, you read that correctly, Monday! As in August the 10th! I'm not sure what he will do. He just got his heart broken by the girl he is in love with and I am afraid he will make a rash decision because he isn't thinking clearly. He should know today.

Finally, I have mentioned a few times about the room in the basement we are working on. I wanted to show you the utter disaster my basement is at this time. Which wouldn't be too much of a problem except the Last Saturday Stitchers will be coming to my basement this month to stitch. This is a double edged sword. On the one hand, it gives my husband a time frame that he has to work in. There is no dragging this out another 13 years.....on the other hand it gives Dan a time frame and I am worried he won't make it. Or is it that I'm worried I won't make it. Once he's done with the construction and painting part then it's up to me to do the put it all away part. Let me show you what I mean. First, this is how my basement usually looks.

See that door way to the back in the second picture? That is the door to what used to be my craft /barbie room. Then when Dan started his prototype business, it became his work room. Which he totally destroyed. Everything in the room was covered with a very fine white powder, super glue or envirotex. Not once in 4 years did he clean up.
This is the room after we moved most of the stuff out of it and I did an initial cleaning.

See that white stuff on the floor of the closet? That's the powder that covered everything and that is after I swept once. It was stuck to the floor. Another view looking out towards the rest of the basement:

And this is what my basement looks like right now. Just a couple quick shots, there is more mess than even I am willing to show!

Most everything you see needs to be wiped down and cleaned before it can be put away. Some needs to be tossed and some needs to go to goodwill. It's a process. An overwhelming process. I do have a plan of attack in place now so I am hoping this weekend to put it into action and make some good progress. Because this is what the back room is starting to look like now:

New paint, new floor and finally after 13 years, moldings and doors on the closets! The far closet will house my barbie collection. Or most of it anyway. The other closet will house all the craft goodies. Fabric, buttons, sewing machines, cross stitch stuff etc....The nook without a door will have Dans stuff in it as will another nook you can't see in this picture. The nooks will be covered with curtains to look like perhaps there are windows in the room and to provide some much needed softness. The scrapping area that is currently in the other part of the basement will move into this room also.

Do you understand my panic about the stitchers coming? I'm glad they are because Dan needs that to keep him going and I am sure we'll have it looking purty by the end of the month but I'm still going to panic till that time!

Well, now you all know my dirty little secrets. I collect Barbies, or I did. Haven't bought one in about 5 years now. You know my basement is a disaster area and would probably be condemned if an inspector happened by. And you know I'm a closet pepper snorter!

And with that now floating out there in the ether, I will bid you a good day and go eat breakfast. Make it a good one and thanks for stopping in!!