Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yipee!! It's Over!! A finish and cute pics!


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

I for one am thrilled to death that the 4th of July is over. The fireworks went off continuously from around 6 p.m. until well after midnight. It looked like a war zone out there with all the smoke, the debris and then when you added in the fog that rolled in it was just plain eerie. I am going to have to find someplace to go next year where I can take the dogs and there are not a lot of people.

It rained pretty much the entire day, poor Dan had to grill outside in the rain. Being the handy guy he is, he managed to rig up the umbrella so he didn't get too wet.

My sister roped all the cousins into having a group shot taken. This was the best of the lot. That's Ben (my sister's oldest) down there in the bottom row with his arms going every which way. Silly boy! There is always one in every group!

I wasn't feeling the greatest that day, had a bad case of the dizzies last week and by Sunday I was pretty much sick of them. I'm feeling much less dizzy today so it's all good.

Adam arrived in Omaha safely on Thursday evening. His plane was about 40 minutes late getting in so it was pretty late, around midnight when we got home. Dan, Adam and I stayed up visiting for another hour or so before I called it a night and headed for bed. When I got up the next morning I found Adam asleep on the sofa. He must have dozed off and never made it downstairs to bed. I made him an egg McMuffin for breakfast and then he had to head in to his old office to finalize month end. Even on vacation the boy works hard! He's so used to working 16 hour days now that he had a hard time just chilling while at home.

Gracie was so happy to see him. Both dogs were but he and Grace adore each other. Adam was laying on the floor Friday evening working on the computer so Gracie had to get right down next to him. See how she positioned herself first? That's how you subtly tell your human you wish to be petted.

Then, when that doesn't work, you turn around and stick your nose in their face and give them a quick little lick.
That gets their attention so you can now start to lay down.....

and then rollover for optimal tummy rubbing.

Adam asked if he could take Gracie back to Utah with him. I told him he could but he would have to take her to work with him everyday as she is not used to being totally alone. She has always had other dogs to keep her company. Then I pointed out that it would be hard for him to come home on visits, he'd have to fly her home too. We decided she wouldn't like flying stuffed into his suitcase, so he reluctantly left her here.
He left yesterday to go back to Salt Lake. It wasn't any easier to see him go than it was the first time. He's talking about trying to come home for Labor Day weekend but I don't know that he will. We were hoping to drive out for a visit before Amy starts college in the fall but with him working 16 hour days there wouldn't be much point. He says it'll be that way until October or November. We don't really want to drive out there at that time of the year so I don't think we will be able to visit him this year.

Abby went off to the lake for the weekend and thankfully came back in one piece. I'm not sure why a girl who is afraid of deep water does this to herself but she does. She is currently on an all guys are stupid d*cks kick. Wonder how long this will last. There is one guy she would be interested in if he didn't already have a girlfriend but he does and Abby keeps telling him to stop calling and texting her. But he won't stop. He keeps telling her he likes his girlfriend but he was really interested in Abby but didn't think she was interested so he started dating this other girl. Now Abby is available and he has this girl and is conflicted. She told him to suck it up, decide what he wants and let her know if he is available but she wasn't going to wait on him to make a decision. Oh to be young again. NOT! You couldn't pay me to be out in the dating arena now.

Amy is getting pretty good at being a slug. She's working off and on at a catering place, more off than on. Other than that though she pretty much is reading her way through the summer. She did order Jillian Michaels 30 day shred DVD and it is kicking her butt!! At least she is up off the couch for 30 minutes/day!

I finished my Winter ornament. I need to decide how I want to finish finish it though. It's a cute little stitch!

I was going to unveil the new family room in this post but it has gotten a bit long so I will save it for next time. For now I'll leave you with one last pic of Adam and Gracie.

Have a great evening everyone!!