Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Done!!! It's Done!!!

Greetings and Salutations!

The Parrot is done!  The Parrot is done!  I finished her up last week and framed her tonight after work.  I'm a bit sad that I'm finished with her but thrilled with how she came out.  My picture does NOT do her justice.  Amy's computer isn't here at home and as you know I  have no way to get pictures uploaded here so  I had to take the picture at work under the florescent lights which always leaves a green cast to things but I couldn't wait to show her off.

I'm making this short and sweet tonight since it's 9:00p.m. and I still have cooking to take care of.  It's Last Saturday Stitch at the shop tomorrow and I need to make sure I bring a dish this week.  Two weeks ago I made my warm chicken dip and although I rubberbanded the lid onto the crock pot, it ended up tipping over in the car and spilling...everywhere.   Lost the whole batch and made a huge mess, I will not be using the crock pot this time.  Or maybe ever.

Have a great weekend Everyone!!

Take care till next time!