Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stitching, bad hair and the tree!

Happy Saturday/Sunday!  Not sure if I will get this done today or not so thought I would cover my bases by addressing both days!  It was second Saturday Stitch at the shop today.  Our group today was a bit larger than we had anticipated!  When I had checked my email for the last time on Friday to see who was coming and who wasn't, there were only 11 that had said they were coming.  We ended up with 16!  It was great!

There was enough food to feed a small army and of course the companionship was the best!  Such a fun group of ladies, each delightful in their own way.  I used the group as guinea pigs today and tried a new recipe for crock pot macaroni and cheese.  Trying a new recipe on people outside your family is not necessarily the smartest thing to do since you never know if it is going to turn out okay or even edible! It was pretty okay and several asked for the recipe.  I still prefer my regular recipe but for a pot luck type of dish  this is something I would make again.  If you are interested you can find the recipe here.   

Since it was a stitching Saturday, I was able to take pictures of the stitch-a-long project Mary Ann, Mary and I are doing.  Mary of course is the furthest along.

I think I might be next but I'm not sure because I discovered something today.  My mind does not work like everyone else.  (Connie, quit rolling your eyes and saying you knew that already!) Mary and Mary Ann are stitching their projects a page at a time.  I am stitching mine in rows.  I thought Mary Ann was the odd one when she said she was doing it that way and now I have to come to grips with the fact that it's me that's the oddball!!!  Inconceivable!

Mary Ann  hasn't had a lot of stitching time the last 2 weeks so she hasn't made much progress.

Crap, I think I have to turn the dang furnace back on.  It's cold in here!  Hold on, I'll brb.

A couple of weeks ago I won a give away from Robin over at Robin Pich    I won this beautiful pincushion made by her own two hands!  Robin makes some wonderful hand made items that she sells on Etsy.  Head on over to her blog if you aren't familiar with it and check it out!  Thanks Robin!  I love my pin cushion!

I've got an update on the take down of the tree.  Dan has most of it down except for the trunk and a little tuft of branches at the very top.  He thinks it's cute and should stay this way.  I think he's  got another think coming!  And tell me, what person in their right mind wears their dress clothes to do this kind of thing?  Does anyone else have a husband that refuses to change into appropriate work clothes to do yard work or painting or any other kind of physical type chore?  Drives me nuts cuz he's forever getting paint on his dress slacks  or tearing holes in his shirt!  

Ewwww, I just noticed my elephant skin in the pics of the pincushion!  When did that happen?  Gross!

Guess I better wrap this up and feed the hubby.  Can't expect him to make birds on an empty stomach! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.  I'll leave you with this final image.  Please don't judge, she was having a rough time of it with the storms! LOL!

Take care till next time!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! Pine Mold and stitchy update

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

It's a windy but warm Sunday here in the heartland.  My plan for the day is to do nothing that looks anything like work.  I think I'll stitch some, maybe do a bird or two but that's about it.  Dan got up this morning and had breakfast waiting for me when I got downstairs, he made homemade biscuits and gravy with sausage and orange juice.  Very good it was!  (said in my best Yoda voice)

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful day, whether you are a mother or not!

Yesterday, while Dan was teaching, I decided to start taking down the last of 3 dead/dying Evergreen Trees in our back yard. Pine Mold is a bad bad thing! 

I've heard it can spread to other types of trees too and there is nothing you can do for it either.  This tree should have been taken down last fall but Dan kept saying it would "come back".  Yeah, right.  I really think Dan was thinking "I don't want do all that work".  I've done it twice already.  So while the cat was away this mouse decided to take the bull by the horns and get 'er done! 

Here she is after 3 hours of work.

 And after 5 hours of work....

I found some interesting things while I was chopping away.  Garbage bags, wire, cool whip bowl, part of the shed, a golf ball and this little guy!

I think he's been out here a while!  He has an incredibly poopy butt!

Then there was the tragedy.  Now keep in mind, although I am currently not very fond of birds (see previous post) I wouldn't deliberately throw a baby bird to the dogs but sadly that is what happened.  I checked the nest before chopping that branch off and it was empty but apparently, it must have been flung out prior to that without my seeing it because when I found it, it was in Gracie's mouth and she was chomping away.  I screamed and she dropped it only to have Kallie swoop in and pick it up and start chomping.  I yelled SPIT!  (handy thing to teach a dog to do btw) She SPAT but it was too late.  Baby bird did not survive.  Rest in Peace baby bird.  Bad dogs!  Bad Bad Dogs!! 

And after another hour or so of clean-up we have this.

The rest Dan will have to do as my short little self couldn't reach that high up!  I'm hoping it will get finished today.  I must say this was one of dirtiest jobs I've had to do.  I don't even want to know what kind of creepy crawlies were in there.  That's one of the reasons I wanted this done sooner rather than later.  Later gives the creepies time to really settle in and I just can't have that!

After all that work I took a shower and sat down to stitch for the rest of the night.

Just got a Mother's Day call from Adam!  He's planning on doing some sight seeing in Alaska today.  Not much is open up there yet but he wants to see what he can while he's there.  Abby just got home, she gave me a nice card and Amy posted a really nice thing on FB so all my chicks have checked in today.  I'm lucky to have them, they turned out to be good kids.  Even if they do drive me nuts sometimes!

Snapped these pics of Abby yesterday before she headed out for the night.  She said it was her Grunge look.  WTH is a grunge look?  I didn't want her to think I didn't know what she was talking about so I just said cool but inquiring minds would really like to know!

Think I will go do something productive now.  Thanks for stopping by and leaving the great comments on the last post!  I have printed them out to show the ladies that participated!  Keep the comments coming and Welcome to my new followers!  Looks like I am approaching the 200 followers mark.  Best start thinking up a giveaway!

Take care till next time!