Saturday, June 4, 2011

Have you Seen my Tape Measure?

If I have heard it once I think I must have heard it a million times in the last 2 weeks.  Boss,(that's what he calls me.  Says he's seen that job and doesn't want it.) have you seen my tape measure?  Yes dear, it's hanging from  your jeans.  Yes dear, it's right there on the counter, Yes dear, it's in the bathroom.  Yes dear, your holding it in your left hand.  If he's not careful, the Boss is going to staple the tape measure to some portion of his anatomy.  Oh wait, he's already stuffed it in his pants, asked me if I've seen it and when I turned around he had it extended out his fly 12 inches.  He dreams big when he dreams!  Anyway, that sight was enough to burn my eyeballs so I guess stapling it in place is out of the question. He'd be playing with it all day!

So obviously the kitchen reno is still a work in progress.  At the rate we are going it will be a work in progress in the year 2525!  The focus right now is on the pantry  but since the floor is to be laid this coming Wednesday, the focus is going to need to change to moving the electrical, and getting the plumbing ready to go for the new dishwasher.  I'm not quite sure how this is all going to be done by Wednesday but it has to be or no floor and that just isn't gonna fly!  So here's what the old pantry looked like.  Not very functional at all.  The opening was small and it was hard to find things way in the back.

This is the start of what will be the new pantry. 

after tearing out the walls
New back wall
looking better

with some stain
2 drawers ready 

 Pull out drawers = functional.  You can ignore that nice orange color of the wood.  We will be painting all the cabinets but wanted to start with mostly the same finish on everything just in case it would make a difference in the final product.  Probably it wouldn't but I would hate to find out differently after we had painted.

 I was supposed to share our progress on the stitch a long but forgot to take a picture of Mary's.  I've emailed her and asked her to email a picture of her progress but in the meantime, I'll just share my progress on TR.  The section I'm working on is all done (or supposed to be done) with a double running back stitch.  Not sure that's what I'm doing and I can't say I am in love with the process but I am enjoying the results.  

Today was mostly spent cleaning the basement so Adam has a clean place to rest his head when he gets here.  The act of cleaning led me to putting some stitching stuff away which led me to seeing just how many different things I actually have started that I haven't finished.  YIKES!!  And to think I used to be a one project at a time person with no UFO's!!!  I will never clean again.  Cross my heart.  Done.  I do not need to know that kinda information.  No siree bob! From now on the basement will remain a filthy pig sty and I am just fine with that!

Dan is back from Menards, Amy is home from babysitting so I guess I should do something about feeding them.  Keep an eye open for a giveaway.  I've reached 200 followers and I think that deserves a celebration!  Just need to pull everything together for it. 

Have a great rest of the weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Take care till next time!