Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello, it's been a while...

When I ended my last post with take care till next time, I really wasn't expecting an entire month to have passed by before I found the time and the energy to post again.  But alas, it has.  And while I could fill you in on everything that prevented me from blogging, I think I will choose to spare you the gory details and just move on.

The weather has been incredible around the Midwest.  In fact, it got so hot that I briefly considered turning the A/C on at one point but then the stubborn side of my personality kicked in and I said no way am I turning the A/C on in March.  NO.FREAKING.WAY.  So we didn't.  And I must admit that one particular day I was a sticky, slimy, melted mess.  I disgusted even myself.  But I didn't give in.  So take that Mother Nature!! (she says as she sticks her tongue out)  I probably shouldn't say that too loudly.  I have heard from several sources that we are supposed to have a rough spring so lets just keep my childish behaviour between us.  Shhhh...I won't tell if you don't. :)

A couple of weeks ago, Connie and I attended our local Embroidery Guilds Spring Retreat.  We just went for the day on Friday and Saturday.  Most folks stay in the cabins that are provided but since I do not like camping, and the cabins are pretty rustic (although I hear they are nice) and the spiders have awakened from their winter sleep, (if they ever went to sleep that is)  Connie and I opted to drive back and forth.  It's only a 20 min. drive so no biggie.  We had a wonderful time, got to know some new folks and reconnect with some we had met the previous year.  While I was there, I did a bad, bad thing.  (can you hear that song in your head now?)  Sorry about that.  Anyway, whilst I was away having fun I totally disregarded my "you have to finish Tuscan Rose before you start anything else" edict and I started something new. I couldn't help myself.  Connie and Carole made me.  They are a bad influence.  Yep.  I was helpless against the two of them.  So totally not my fault.  Okay, fine...maybe it was partly my fault.  I did after all bring it with me.  But I had no intention of starting it.  I just wanted to fondle it.  That's all.  Fondle.  Yep yep!  So...Have you guessed yet what it is yet?  If you're thinking the Parrot you would be correct!   My progress as of last night...

I am loving all the purty colors and can't wait to start on some of the flowers.  But, I have not forsaken Tuscan Rose.  I'm still working on her also.  It's been a while since the last time I showed a progress picture so here it is before Retreat.

And as of this past weekend it looks like this.

Speaking of Retreat, our Spring Retreat is only a couple of weeks away now.  We have 28 people signed up as of yesterday.  I have the retreat project stitched and installed on it's doo-hickey.  I have to call it a doo-hickey cuz I can't tell anyone what it is yet.  But it's cute.  I can tell you that much!  I'm going to be pretty busy between now and then wrapping up all the little details so if I am absent, please forgive me and know I will be back afterwards.

I'm going to wrap this up now.  I'll save some other stuff for next time.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter if you celebrate Easter and if you don't,  have a wonderful weekend as I doubt I will return before then!

Take care till next time!