Monday, September 19, 2011

ER visit, the invasion, Elizabeth and more

Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a great weekend full of lots of stitchy stuff!  We had an exciting weekend here and not in the good way.  For some reason I thought that once the kids were of a certain age...they would be responsible and mature enough that I would no longer have to worry about middle of the night trips to the ER.  Asthma has been a part of our lives almost as long as the kids have been a part of our lives.  So I thought that at some point they would be intelligent enough to avoid those situations that they know will lead to trouble.  Or at the very least, figure out the early warning signs that they are headed for trouble and get the hell outta dodge.  I now know I was completely delusional.  Last year at Christmas we had almost the exact same scenario.  Abby went someplace she knows is going to cause her problems (boxer dogs and her don't mix) and ended up in the ER.  Fast forward to this weekend and she is back at the same place and guess what??  She landed herself and her father in the ER during the wee hours of Sunday morning.  Not only that but she drove herself home in the middle of this major asthma attack rather than having the boyfriend bring her home or take her to the ER.  Then she woke me up to ask if I thought she should even go!!  Yes Abby, your lips are blue and you have no air with which to breathe...might be a good idea to go see a Doctor!   3 hours later, having received oxygen, nebulizer treatments x3 and IV steroids and they finally let her come home.  She is still not breathing well and I am hoping she will take herself off to the Dr. like she is supposed to do but apparently, common sense is not her forte.  Someone please tell me she'll wise up at some point??

We had fog here last night and this morning when I let the dogs outside I just about lost it.  EVERY spider web was highlighted by moisture and clearly visible to the naked eye!  They are everywhere!  Every surface, tree, play set, blade of grass is covered by webs.  We've been invaded and we don't even know it until a little fog happens!  How would you like to be the little kid swinging on this swing?

Did some stitching on Elizabeth this weekend.  She's coming along nicely but since I am sticking to my weekends only vow, not as nicely as I would like her to.

I haven't shown you the Double Dutch stitch along for a while now.  That's cuz none of us have really been working hard on it.  Well, maybe Mary Ann has but Mary and I...not so much.  But I really want to finish it so I have put down Tuscan Rose for the moment and am working on DD during the week.  Here's mine as of Friday night.

Sorry no pics of Mary's or Mary Ann's.  I'll do better next time!

The drywaller has started the patching of the wall at the shop.  He should finish up tomorrow and then we'll start the paining process.  I took pictures of the shop as promised but you have to remember, it still looks empty since we didn't want to bring in the new display pieces and spread things out too much until the wall was fixed.  Just that much more to get dirty and to move around.  So far everyone that has come in has said it already looks 100 times better.  Not quite sure how to take that.  Must have really looked like crap before!!

I'm running out of time before I have to leave for Physical Therapy so I am going to call it good for now.  Have a great week everyone! And thanks for all the comments!

Take care till next time!