Friday, December 23, 2011

Coming Up for Air and a Christmas Village Slideshow

Good Lord I can't believe the month I have had.  Not that anything momentous occurred  but it has been jam packed full of busy I tell ya.  Some of the highlights include but are not limited to...

1.   Decorating for Christmas
2.   Physical Therapy
3.   Cleaning the house for the open house
4.   The Open House
5.   Christmas Shopping
6.   Orthopedic appt
7.   Gyno appt.
8.   Dental appt.
9.   MRI
10. 400 Christmas framing projects, okay, not that many but you get my drift
11. The Open House part II
12.  Appt with the floor guy to start the claim process on our kitchen floor
13.  Painting the Hallway
 and a million other things too numerous to mention.

Ya know what didn't happen?

1.  Stitching, none, nada, zip,
2.  Blog Reading
3.  Book Reading
4.  Christmas Baking
5.  The watching of my traditional Christmas movies
6.  Talking with friends
7.  Announcing the winner of the first time story teller.

But I am here to rectify that right now.

The winner is....

Sarah from

Congratulations Sarah and thanks for taking part in the sharing your first time giveaway!  Either people don't remember their first time cross stitching or they were too scared to read what it was all about but there sure weren't many entries.  I did enjoy reading about everyone's first time and wish more had shared theirs.    So Sarah, email me your snail mail address and I will get a little something mailed out to you.

And for those of you who couldn't come to the Village Open House, here's a picture to whet your appetite and  link to a slideshow I was finally able to put together.  The pictures aren't the greatest as my camera hates low light but I hope you can overlook the poor picture quality and enjoy it anyway.