Saturday, October 16, 2010

Progress, a day I want to forget and football

It's Saturday evening and the last I heard the Huskers were losing against Texas....again. I'm not what you'd call a football fan. My favorite things to do regarding football are...mocking the announcers and rooting for the Cowboys because my husband hates them. Aside from those 2 things, I really could care less about the sport. I don't understand it, and believe me I have had many boyfriends and even 1 husband try to explain it to me. I just don't get it. Why a bunch of grown men would enjoy running after a pigskin ball, smashing anything that gets in their way while running, only to catch the ball and then have a bunch of the men pile on top of him because they didn't catch the ball and apparently they're not happy about it, is just beyond my comprehension. It ranks right up there with golf. If I want to take a walk, I certainly don't need to hit a little white ball 200 yards thataway so I can walk to where I think it might have gone only to find out that nope it's not where I thought it was. I can just step out the front door and go anywhere my little heart desires. No balls in sight! But, I seem to be in the minority so here's my token cheer, Go Huskers! Beat Texas! Football sucks, I want a Lexus!!

Hey don't judge me, not much rhymes with Texas.

We had stitching at the shop today. Had a good time, met some new stitcher's , talked, laughed and ate. All in all a great day! Now I need to get up from the computer and start cleaning. My in-laws are coming down in the morning early so they can leave early. We have my nieces birthday party at 3 at my sister's house. By the time we get home from there my weekend will be over and I haven't managed to recover from the day from hell I had on Friday.

Being sick for 2 weeks put me slightly behind where the framing was concerned. I had my day all planned out, what needed to get done and what could wait. The first thing that needed to get done was a Hole in One Golf layout. The customer had emailed us the day before and I had told him it would be finished by the next day. I had most of it done already, just needed to add the newspaper pieces that told about his hole in one. Everything was going just fine, I was cutting out the newspaper articles I needed for the layout when the phone rang. Now the smart thing to do would have been to step away from the cutter and concentrate on the phone call. But I never claimed to be smart. No I kept cutting while I answered the phone and when the voice identified himself and asked how I was coming on his jersey and would he be able to pick it up that afternoon as his dinner party was that night and he had a big empty spot on his wall....I cut the article in the wrong spot! Right across the man's name as a matter of fact. The man that had a hole in one. You see, jersey's are oversized and require lots of time and concentration and most times 2 people to get them finished. Add to that I had no idea the man needed his jersey finished by a certain date as it wasn't noted on the work order and it came in while I was sick. So instead of concentrating on what I was cutting I was madly trying to figure out whether I was going to be able to do the jersey and have it done by 5, MaryAnn was gone but Connie was there so if I needed 2 people to help hold the frame Connie could handle that, if the golf thing went smoothly I might just be able to pull it off and that was all it took to cause a major disaster! I tried taping the article but that just wasn't going to work. It just didn't pass the Julie test. So then I called the Omaha World Herald to see if I could get a copy of the paper from a month ago. They said sure, come on down. I called my husband to see if he could run downtown to get it. He said he could so I thought great, I'll start the jersey while I'm waiting for Dan. So far so good. Then the phone rang again. Would you believe that of all the issues of the newspaper they have, that particular days newspaper was completely sold out!!!!! They had it on microfiche but it wouldn't look like the paper. My panic mode really kicked in then. I started calling local libraries and was told time and time again that they no longer had that issue. I finally located a library that still had it about a half hour later. Connie volunteered to go make a photo copy of it as they said we couldn't have the actual paper. This was a problem. We needed it to look like the rest of the paper in the collage. So I got on the phone again and called the Papillion paper to see if we could get some newsprint. The lady there was very helpful and said she'd be happy to let us have an end roll. Great! It's just up the road so Connie could run there, get the newsprint and then go halfway across town to the Millard Library and get a copy. Except our local paper apparently moved their offices when I wasn't looking and instead of being just up the street, they were now in Bellevue. The opposite direction from Millard. Nothing is easy. Connie set out on her mission and I went back to the jersey. Things were going well, Connie came back with the newsprint thinking we should cut some pieces to fit in the copier since the newsprint came on a big roll. She left for the library and I continued working on the jersey. Then the phone rang again. It was Connie. The copier wouldn't work with the newsprint. It kept jamming the printer. I'm hearing her words and in my mind I'm thinking Oh shit. I'm toast. After a pause Connie says in this sweet soft voice, so they let me have the paper instead. I'm still stuck on printers and jams so it took me a minute to process what she said and then I wanted to kill her for causing me a heart attack! I think I asked if she was shitting me because I just couldn't believe they would give it to her but it turns out that branch was her local library and they knew her and took pity on her. Said if the paper just happened to disappear while their backs were turned they wouldn't say anything. So Connie arrives back at the shop with the paper, I finish the golf layout, then take it apart because there was a piece of lint in it, put it back together and take it apart again several more times to get lint out and finally it passes the Julie test and I get it done. It's now about 3:30. The jersey is to the point where I need to get it in the frame, make sure it looks good, no wrinkles, nothing touching the glass, no lint, take it apart and put it back together several times doing all that and finally at about 4:45 it's done. The owner shows up we take care of business, he has another jersey and several photographs he wants to do next so we take care of that, he leaves and I am finally able to relax a bit. I go in the back room to clean up the mess I made that day so the food can be put on my work table for Saturday stitching and as I am cleaning up I find......wait for it.......the autographed football card that's supposed to be attached to the front of the jersey I just sent home. I wanted to cry at that point. And I won't repeat the word that came out of my mouth over and over but it wasn't nice. At this point there was nothing I could do about it. I'll just have to call him Monday(if I don't hear from him before then) and tell him to bring the dang thing back in and I'll attach the card but my stomach is now in knots over the whole thing. I hate when I mess up.

I've been stitching some in the evenings. Here's Jenny Bean:

I've had to mess with the colors some to make myself happy but I'm thinking I finally have it figured out.

My Chatelaine is also coming along nicely:

Well, this isn't getting the cleaning done, I've enjoyed it a whole lot more though but I supposed I best get my rear in gear and get something done. I made Cheeseburger soup for stitching today and totally trashed my kitchen in the process so it's going to take some time to put it to rights.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Take care till next time!


UPDATE: The Huskers lost. Guess my cheer didn't help. :-P