Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Dental visit, Stitching finishes and Sock Monkeys

Thank God that's done!  I've said it before and I'll say it again...I do not like the dentist.  Today was the second half of my dental cleaning.   I was so bad about going the last couple of years (I have a reason) that they didn't have time to clean them all the first time.  So today found me in the chair for the second time in 2 weeks. And to make matters worse, I not only had to finish up the cleaning but I had to have a cavity they found in round one filled today also.  Normally, despite my hate/hate relationship with the dentist, I go every six months for a cleaning.  But a couple (or more)  years back I needed a root canal.  And even after the root canal, I still had pain.  So they re-did the root canal...twice.  Still had pain.  I finally went to a different Dentist and he replaced the crown which alleviated most of the pain.  But not all.  After another trip to an oral surgeon, it was decided that the tooth behind the one with the root canal, also needed a root canal.  And still we have pain.  Not so much in the tooth but in the gum tissue itself.  You'll have to  excuse me for not wanting them digging around in my very sore gum tissue with sharp pointy things designed back in the dark ages as instruments of torture, so when they said let's wait a bit to do your cleaning and let that calm down....I took them at their word!  Only it never did, calm down that is.  So I never went back.  Then I lost my crown after my surgery and I had to go in and have it glued back on and they cornered me.  Crap!  Guilt trips get me every time.  So now my teeth are clean and shiny but my face is immobile from the massive quantities of Novocaine injected into my gums.  I feel like I have drool running down my chin but when I check in the mirror I can't see any.  You'd tell me if I was drooling wouldn't you??

On the stitching side of things...I have been holding out on you.  A couple of months ago, I took it upon myself to stitch Bent Creeks Quaker Noel.  But when I pulled the colors I was not thrilled with Wood Smoke as the main color.  Soooo naturally, I changed it.  I decided to use CC Blacksmith Blue in place of the Wood Smoke.  I stitched on it whenever I felt like I needed to do something  other than Tuscan Rose, Elizabeth or Double Dutch.  But as I was stitching I kept thinking, yuck, I don't like all this blue.  If any of you have the chart, you'll notice that most of it is done in the one color with small accents here and there of other colors.  So I decided to change it up a bit. Okay, so I changed it a lot.  You can't tell me you're surprised about that.  It is me we're talking about and my changing things seems to be the norm!  Anyway,  I love it!   I am tickled pink with how it turned out.  Here's what the original looks like (all pics should be clickable)

And here is my version

stitched on 32 ct. Valor using most all the colors called for 
I  finally got Summer by Blackbird Designs framed up yesterday too.

And I stitched on Tuscan Rose last night for the first time in what seems like forever but didn't get enough done to show a picture.  I'll try to post one in a couple of days.

My in-laws came down this past Saturday to deliver birthday and Christmas gifts before they head south for the winter.  They took us out to Village Inn for brunch (yum!!) but before we left the house I snapped a pic of the girls since they were both dressed and presentable at the same time.  Doesn't happen often.  I was only allowed to take 2 pictures, only 1 turned out okay.  I long for the days when they would cooperate with me and my camera....

And I have to share this picture of Abby and her boyfriend.   I call it A Girl and her Sock Monkey.  It's my new favorite picture.  Too stinking cute!

Jordan's Mom made his costume for him and he wore it to the Nebraska game the Saturday before Halloween.  I gotta say I find Sock Monkeys a bit freaky and 6 ft. tall ones even more so but you have to admit, it took some balls to wear that costume to the football game!

You all take care till next time!