Sunday, August 2, 2015

Today...recap number one

Happy August!

Today is the 35th anniversary of my wedding to Dan.  And they said it wouldn't last!  I don't know about him but I am looking forward to another 35 years at least.

Today is also the day our daughter Abby starts her move into our basement.  We'll talk about that later.

And last but not begins the first installment of a recap of the last 8 months because that is apparently what most of the 9 of you that commented on my last post would like to see.

So sit back, grab an ice cold something and let's see what sort of things come to mind.

My last regular post was Halloween!  Shortly after that Dan and I found out that we were going to be grandparents!  Adam and Marcia were expecting their first baby in May.

Thanksgiving arrived with a visit from Amy who if you remember is away at grad school in Ohio.  It was wonderful to have her home but we didn't see much of her.  Short amount of time and lots of people to see.

Christmas came next and we were thrilled that Adam and Marcia were spending it here in 2014.  Amy was also home so we had a wonderful family Christmas.   The "kids" decorated cookies...

and ornaments...

and we had a Christmas Eve game taken from Minute to Win It.  All ping pong balls had to be removed from the kleenex box or they couldn't open  their Christmas Eve present until the next day.

Now we know how Marcia got pregnant so easily! LOL!!
I finished Tuscan Rose by years end as planned but just by the skin of my teeth!

And I framed ABC-XYZ from Poppy Kreations

Think that will do it for this post.  I need to run some errands before making supper so I best get my get along going or I won't have time to browse and we all know I like to browse!

Take care till next time!