Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I did Wednesday!

Good Morning!

I'm not sure I can say that I met my goal completely but...I did get some stitching done.  I ran into a bit of a snag though.  Tuesdays, So You Think You Can Dance is on.  A person (me) cannot just listen to them dance like you can a regular TV show.  And boy was  the dancing good last night.  Lots of talent this season!  But I digress.  I had to stitch madly during the judges comments and the commercials.  And then there was the whole dog issue last night.  Between Rags thinking she needed to be cuddled half the night (she's been sick) and Kallie walking all over me because she was stressed out from the fireworks...well it made for some challenging stitching.  So progress was made but not as much progress as I might have liked.

Now I have a different problem.  Maybe some of you have it too.  Now all I want to stitch on is Midnight Watch and the heck with Golden Ice and Heritage Sampler!!  But I need to get Golden Ice finished and I want to work on Heritage Sampler too!  So for those of you that do a you have any tips or tricks to actually making yourself put the current project down to pick up what's next in the rotation?? Cuz I totally suck at it!

Today I am supposed to go out and get the paper products for the shower.  Plus I need to look for colored sugar in the correct colors.  I am trying really hard to get out there and get it done but I think I'd rather stay at home and stitch while doing the laundry.  Some company would be great but everyone I know is working.  Anyone wanna pop on over and go with me?  I'll buy you lunch!

Guess I should get myself pulled together and head out so I can get home and get the laundry started.

You all have a wonderful Wednesday and take care till next time! And if by chance any of you picked up the Take it out Tuesday Challenge, I would love to see what you got done!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Take it out Tuesday!

As I explained in my last post I have started Take it out Tuesday's on the shop's facebook page.  I figured if I was going to do it there I might as well carry it over here.  So tonight I decided to take out Blackbird Designs Midnight Watch and work on it.  Here's the before pic.  Will post after pictures tomorrow on What I did Wednesday!