Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So far not the best week I've ever had!

What a week and it's only Wednesday!  I started off the week by forgetting to put my car in park, exiting the vehicle and having it roll forward and hit my year old garage door.  Big dent in garage door.  Luckily, not in the car.  But really who does that?  Granted, there is a lot going on in my life right now but boy do I feel stupid!  Dan was good about it and the kids think it's hilarious.  Me?  I'm just pizzed at myself.   Then...Tuesday morning I threw a load of towels into the washer.  Thought it sounded strange, opened it up and yep, the agitator was not agitating.  Great, we stripped out the agitating dogs (that's what they're called, I'm not pulling your leg!) once again. That is twice in less than 4 years.  My old Kenmore washer lasted 27 years and never had a service call on it until it rusted through the bottom.  I miss my old washer!  Finally, last night I went to open the dishwasher and the fricking handle broke off!  Fan Freaking Tastic!  Now it matches the broken handle on the microwave!  Gotta love a matched set!    Luckily, there is enough handle left that I can still open it but I am not sure how long that will be the case.  The stove/oven has issues too so I can see new appliances looming on the horizon.  Normally that would make me happy but we also need a new a new roof.  Hmmmm what to least that should be my three bad things and the rest of the week can only go up from here, right?  Okay everyone, just nod your heads and agree me.  RIGHT?  There, that's better.  Connie, I saw you back there shaking your head no.  Stop that!

Been doing a little stitching in my spare time.  Stitched up BBD's Remember me.  I'm not sure I like it.  I'll reserve judgement until I get the finishing done.  Maybe it will be better then.

Then I stitched some on Tuscan Rose too.  I'm happy to be working on it again.  The colors are so pretty!


Adam arrived home last night.  He has some work conference to attend and will be home until Easter.  It'll be nice to have him home for the holiday even though he will have to leave around 3 that day.  I made spaghetti for supper, one of his favorites.  He's always so appreciative of my cooking that it almost makes it fun to cook for him.  Almost.  Dan browned the burger for me but not without supervision.  Ya gotta watch him like a hawk apparently.  At least Gracie thinks so!

She literally stood there like that the entire time he was cooking and the meat was frozen so it took a while to brown!  I don't know why she was watching him so intently, it's not like he gives her any bites of meat and she never does it when I cook but for an entire half hour she stayed right there!  Silly pup!

Amy has 3 weeks of school left.  I can't believe how quickly this year has gone.  Neither can she.  She's been bringing stuff home every weekend so that there is just the essentials that will have to be loaded up the last day.  Smart girl!  Her job at the new ball park has been quite the mess.  She actually has yet to work.  She got a call last Wednesday from her boss saying she was scheduled to work the opening game of the season on Friday.  The game  was cancelled due to rain but she never got a call saying not to come in.  She asked me what to do and I said call and ask but they haven't given her a contact number yet so instead she drove out there.  The secretary was snippy about her coming out there, saying she should have received a call not to come in to which Amy replied that she hadn't.  Then the secretary said, well you didn't need to come all the way out here, you could have called to which Amy replied, no one has given me a contact number yet.  Then the secretary checked the schedule and says, you weren't even scheduled to work today to which Amy said her boss had called on Wednesday and told her she was.  Can anyone say...disorganized!!!  After getting a contact number, she left a message for the boss wanting to know if she was to show up on Sunday for the makeup day and never heard from him so she called again.  Got a hold of him and explained everything to which he replied, gosh, I must have forgotten to write you in on the schedule after we talked.  We've got today covered.  I'll call you middle of next week to give you a schedule.  Wanna bet she never hears from him?  Douche bag..

Abby is doing well, she will graduate in July and is chomping at the bit.  She did get a PRN job  so she is picking up hours now and again but really needs to have a full time position so she can fulfill her dream of moving out.  I think moving out would be a great experience for her and that's all I'm saying on that subject!   

Dan has taken on a temporary part time job with his old employers and is working every evening till around 9.  This is slowing production of the birds but for those of you that ordered them, please know he is working on them a little every night.  We haven't forgotten you!

I think that catches everyone up with what is and is not happening around here.  Without going into details I would like to ask for prayers for my sister and my 5 yr. old nephew.  Both are facing serious medical issues right now and your prayers would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Thanks for stopping in and leaving those awesome comments.  Some of you are interested in when our next retreat will be.  I'll keep ya posted through the blog!

Take care till next time!