Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finished Finishes

Happy Tuesday!

Not much new around here. The weather finally calmed down which I am so thankful for. I really thought poor little Kallie was going to stroke out if we had one more night of storms! Now we just have the fireworks to deal with. Luckily, if I turn the TV up loud enough and turn the ceiling fan on high, then the floor fan on high, it mostly drowns out the sound of the little ones. Not much I can do with the big booms but thankfully there aren't a lot of those.

Not much new with the kids, Adam will be home on Thursday night. I am very excited about that. He can't wait either he says. I think I have my meals planned out and will go grocery shopping tomorrow on my day off.

So what are all of you doing for the 4th? Now that we no longer have the shack, we will be home for the 2nd time in all my 50 years. The only other time we stayed home everyone was miserable and it looks like this time will be no different. I have invited all the family over for the 4th but it's going to be a lot different than we are used to. In Stuart, where I have spent most of my 4ths, we would get up, get dressed and by the time we ate breakfast and did the dishes it was time to head up town for the parade at 10:30. You know, before the hottest part of the day. Then everyone (anywhere from 25-100 family members) would head to my aunts house and get lunch going, hot dogs, hamburgers, yada yada, yada. In the afternoon we'd play games or go to the park for volleyball, some to the rodeo and others would go golfing, or to the duck race. Everyone would meet back at the aunts around 5 for supper and then those that wanted to go would head for the stock car races followed by the fireworks put on by the town and finally back to the aunts for our own fireworks. It was a fun filled day! Around here, what passes for a parade starts at 1:00 in the afternoon. It lasts for a couple of hours. The hottest part of the day. How dumb is that?? It's mostly firetrucks, rescue squads and bands. No decorated floats. No horses. No polka dotted tractors that shoot water out at the crowd, no candy thrown from the floats and no scary smoking clown. It's a bit of a let down. My neices play in the band so my idea to have lunch at noon is not going to happen. My other sister puts her youngest down for a nap around 1. Guess we will eat around 4. No one will hang around for long after eating, they will all head on home. Kind of a let down. Like I said, it's going to be different. Abby is abandoning us to go to the lake with friends so even she won't be here to liven things up. Oh well, life is all about change and I hope we all learn to make it a fun time, just in a different way.

In stitchy news, we had Last Saturday Stitching this past Saturday. It was a smaller than normal group at first but people staggered in one by one and eventually it was it's usual rocking good time!! We did miss a few of our regulars though. Hope they can make it next time!

We took the Rosewood Manor trunk show down yesterday and shipped it off to the next stop and tomorrow Mary Ann will box up the charts and ship them back to Karen. I'm sad to see all the beautiful pieces leave. It was so nice to have such wonderful eye candy on the wall all this time.

I finished finished my ornament. I think it turned out pretty darn good and I can't wait for the second in the series. I hope it's as gorgeous as the first one is!

I also finished finished my pin cushion. I omitted the suggested rick rack and buttons as I really didn't think it needed them. What do you think?

Progress is also being made on Winter. Just have to fill in the snow at the bottom and then she will be done. So happy I changed the colors on this one. I love it!

Now, I should go back to Golden Ice. Really, that is what I should do. Amy will blow a gasket if I don't. But a little voice inside my head is calling calling calling out the name of a different chart. One I have had kitted up for years. I pray I am strong enough to ignore the voice, at least for a while so I can make some progress on G.I. but the dang voice gets louder the more I try to block it out!!!!!

Well, it's that time again.

Have a Great Holiday everyone, stay safe!