Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Saturday and a link to the village

Good afternoon blog buddies!

I can finally come up for air! All the Christmas orders are done at the shop, I just have orders that aren't for Christmas left with the exception of one for my Father-in- Law! That is a huge relief for me. I am finally feeling back in the framing groove and am adjusting to the smaller work space. I have to actually clean up after myself as I go instead of leaving a trail of mess behind me like Pigpen from Charlie Brown. That is a ginormous adjustment. I cook the same way. Make a huge mess during the process and clean up afterwards. Not anymore though, I am turning over a new leaf!

I still have some shopping to do but all the presents that are bought are wrapped. This is something I usually leave till the 24th, after 10:00p.m. See another new leaf turned!

Amy had her wisdom teeth removed yesterday. She is doing well. She's actually following orders and staying quiet for a couple of days and so far the pain is minimal.

Yesterday she found out she received a Regents Scholarship to UNL. It's not her first choice but she says she is going where they give her the most money. She does not want to graduate with debt.

Abby dyed her hair a light golden brown this week and as a result, her boyfriend is not a happy camper. He wanted to know why she would do something that she knew he wouldn't like. He likes blondes. She says it's her hair and she'll do what she wants with it. You go Abby! ON the school side of things, she's been in the operating room the last 10 days or so and surprisingly enough did not pass out or get sick from the sight of blood and gore. She finds it interesting. This is a very good thing!!

The open house was a success! We had about 40 people show and a lot would like to come back to show family members. The food all turned out fine and the only thing I ran short on was my peppermint egg nog punch! That surprised me!

Well, I need to get going on making a list of things I still need to get so I will leave you with a link to my album, click on the slideshow option in the upper left corner, it makes it easier for viewing and you can pause it to stop and look at something closer if you like. So without further ado, get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, a mug of cocoa and a cookie and sit back and watch the show. I hope you enjoy it!!