Friday, July 17, 2009

Change sucks!

Good Morning!

It's a beautiful morning here. The sun is shining the birds are chirping, the rabbits are snacking on other people's gardens....I know, that's not very nice of me but it's been a rough week here and I have to find what little bits of happiness I can at the moment. Please don't hold it against me. I promise to work on being more charitable later. Really. I mean it. :)

My stargazer lillies started blooming this week. Aren't they gorgeous? I love the colors!

A couple of other lillies started blooming also this week.

My pink hibiscus is putting on a show before her sister the red hibiscus out shines her. These blooms are literally the size of dinner plates and they will bloom the rest of the summer. So beautiful!

I don't know how you all handle change but I have a hard time with it. This has been a week of all kinds of changes. Some good, some bad, some downright awful. Some that are coming and some that have already happened. But I gotta say, I don't like any of it.

I had to make the tough decision to put the shack up for sale. I can no longer justify the expense involved for a place I only get to visit once or twice a year anymore. The shack is my soul restorer. That one place I can go to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A simpler slower way of life. I always come home from there feeling much calmer and ready to face the daily struggles of life as we know it. I hope you all have a special place like that.

We came home from vacation last week as you know and eventually I had to go downstairs to take some meat out of the freezer. I was trying really hard to pretend I was still on vacation so I hadn't done much in the way of cooking right after returning home. Anyway, I discovered water all over the floor of the furnace room when I went down there. Not a good sign. I've found over the years that pretty much anytime you find water in your basement, it's not a good thing. We determined that the water was coming from the indoor part of the air conditioner unit. Monday, I called the heating and cooling repair person and he came out and gave me the news that the drip tray had rusted through. Well, I thought to myself, that doesn't sound too bad. Then he dropped the other shoe. They no longer make a drip tray to fit this old unit and while they might, and that would be a big might, be able to rig something up, the labor involved would be enormous. He also explained that since it is old, the A-coil could go out at any time. So we had two options, pay $1000.00 now to replace the drip tray which might or might not work since they have to rig it up and potentially another $1500 or more in the next couple of years to replace the entire unit when the A coil goes, or just replace the entire thing now for $1500.00. We chose option B. Replace it all now and be done with it. They are coming this morning to change her out. I'm glad it's cool enough to be without the a/c today!

The next change taking place was our son announcing he may have to move to either New Orleans or Alaska!
I know this doesn't sound terrible, and for Adam it would be a great adventure. But for me it's a great sadness.
Our whole family lives in Omaha. I'm talking parents, and all my siblings and all their children also. He would be the first one in 20 years to be living somewhere other that Omaha. Heck, I'm still adjusting to his moving out 3 years ago! You don't want to see me if he moves hours away. For now, I'm pushing the thought to the back of my head. He doesn't know for sure he will be moving so I will try not to worry about it until he does know.

There is another big change coming in my life but I can't talk about it yet. I'll share when I'm able to.

Abby has some change going on in her life as well. She had applied to Radiology school and while she didn't get an immediate spot she was on the alternate list for both Alegeant and the University of Neb. Med Center. She got a phone call last week to let her know there was now an opening for her in the Alegeant program. To say she is terrified would be an understatement. She is so afraid she will fail. She's also upset because she will have to wear scrubs all day and the shoes aren't cute! (eyeroll) I had to chuckle at that one. She was in my room till midnight last night trying to sort things out in her head. Is it the fear of something new that is holding her back? She's comfortable at UNO. She knows her way around and while she doesn't know everyone on campus she at least knows most of the faces. If she goes to Radiology school, she won't know anyone, she says she gets lost in hospitals and what if she doesn't get good grades? My girl is smart but only when she puts her mind to it. She can also get a brick wall to talk to her so I don't think it will take her long to make new friends. As for getting lost in hospitals, it's just like any other building. Within a week you'll know it like the back of your hand. I'm not sure I convinced her that she could do if she really wants to but I guess we'll find out cuz she left my room saying she was going to send her deposit in today.

Amy got her AP test results back this week. She was only able to take the history test because she had a vicious migraine the day they gave the english exam. She got a 4 which gives her college credit pretty much wherever she ends up going. She was happy. Dan and I are proud. Adam was disgusted. He took it when he was in high school and failed. History was his favorite class.

I've stitched a little on my Chatelaine this week. With all the other things going on I haven't really been in the mood. I'll share the bit I have done though.

And I pulled the floss and cut the fabby for the Inspiration chart.


Not sure when I will start it. I'm trying to get further along on the ones I'm currently doing before starting another.

Did any of you watch So You Think You Can Dance this week? It was amazing for the most part. I was only disappointed in one of the dances. It's so hard to see anyone go now. Such talent these kids have!

Boy, when I get to talking I don't know when to stop! Sorry for the length of this post. I'd like to say I won't do it again but I'd be lying.

Have a great day everyone and thanks for visiting!!