Friday, April 8, 2011


In keeping with my vow to blog a bit more often, I thought perhaps I should pop in this morning and let you all know that I am leaving for retreat in a few minutes and will not be back until late Sunday afternoon.  The car is mostly packed (how one person can need so dang much for 3 days is beyond me!), just have the last few things that have to go.   One thing that won't be going is my brandy bread.  I was in the middle of mixing it up last night when my phone rang.  It was my older sister.  She never calls me.  Ever.  UNLESS she needs something.  I considered not answering the phone but figured that would be rude so I answered.  I was right, she needed something.  Apparently there was a strange smell in their house and could I come and identify it.  I sighed heavily and said I would be right over.  I couldn't leave them to die of carbon monoxide or something just because I knew it would mess up my bread could I?  No, I couldn't. So I drove on down the street and entered the house.  Yep, there was a funny smell.  Like something was hot.  I had no idea what it could be though and I couldn't even tell her who she should call.  It's not like there were flames or anything, just this smell of something hot.  I left after a half hour of looking for the source.  Her husband was home and I figured he could handle it from there.  Called her this morning and they are still alive and well, they think it was a piece of plastic on the heat lamp in the lizards cage, yep that would do it.  Anyway, all that was to say my Brandy Bread is not going with me to retreat because that half hour of wait time in the middle of mixing the ingredients did not do it any good.  It's edible but not up to par.  Oh well,  at least I earned brownie points with the big guy upstairs, or I hope so anyway.

I will take lots of pictures at retreat and give you the scoop when I get back.

Have a great weekend and take care till next time!


Monday, April 4, 2011

My new Chicken!

It is a very good thing I don't ride a broom to work most days cuz today with the way the wind was blowing I never would have made it!  Good Lord it was blowing something awful.  So awful in fact it took out one of our lights on the front of the house.  I came home from to find it on the ground.  One of the glass panels broke but I'm hoping we can turn that side toward the house when we re-hang it and you won't notice.   Providing of course that it can be re-hung. 


I had a pretty good weekend.  Saturday I made a Hobby Lobby run for retreat stuff, stopped at the thrift store and bought a chicken, went to Weathered and Worn and bought a lamp, headed home, picked Dan up and off we went to a different Hobby Lobby since the one closest to my house did not have enough of what I was buying (i can't say what it was, retreat related and all).  Whilst I was there I bought a basket I had been admiring for quite some time and then I bought some eggs to go in the basket since the chicken I bought at the thrift store wasn't going to be laying eggs any time soon, if ever...but if she did happen to lay some, I bet they'd be worth a pretty penny! Here's my chicken, you can call her Henrietta, sitting by her nest of eggs.  See now why any eggs laid by her would be worth something?  They'd have to sell for at least as much as the face of Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich sold for don't ya think? 

And here's my new lamp that I have to return.  The switch is bad.  Dan got it to work long enough for me to snap a picture but then I unplugged it cuz he said to keep an eye on it or it might burn the house down.  He also said just kidding after that but my husband didn't get the nickname Zap for nothing.  He and electricity do not get along.  I'd rather play it safe, return the lamp and not worry about burning the house down.  Hopefully they'll have another lamp and I can just exchange it.

Talked with Adam today.  He was finally given a date for his move to D.C.  Last day in Salt Lake is  May 27th.  He's looking forward to the move.  According to him, there are 5 girls for every guy in D.C.  He's hoping to find a wife while he's there.   Gotta be better odds than he had in Salt Lake. I've heard housing is horribly expensive.  I'm a bit worried about him finding a decent place he can afford but he's not too concerned.   

Amy was home this past weekend.  She got a job at the new ballpark in town and was home for some training.  I was talking to her about how I don't think anyone is reading my blog and she scolded me!  She told me what can I expect when I only post once a month!  She's right.  I've been neglectful.  So I have vowed to try to do better.  Just in case you couldn't tell, this is me, trying to do better.

Finally, I will leave you with an update on Tuscan Rose.  As soon as I finish here, I'm going to go stitch on her some more.  I should be working on retreat stuff since it is only 4 days away but I'm not feeling it tonight so stitching it is.

Take care till next time!