Thursday, October 22, 2009

I have new Stash!!

Good Morning!

It's a cold wet dreary day here in Nebraska. I am not enjoying it at all but at least it is NOT at this time snowing. They have mentioned it might do that tomorrow. I hope not as I am headed up north to pack up the shack and sign the closing papers. I'll be glad to have this done but very sad to be doing it. In a perfect world, I'd have enough money to make it look like I wanted, and enough time to go up there more than once a year. BUT, this isn't a perfect world so I'll just keep all the wonderful years of memories close to my heart and bring them out when I need a little bit of soul soothing.

Mary Ann came over a couple of days ago and she brought my stash that I ordered. I should be cleaning the house since my in-laws are coming at 1:00 today, but instead I am procrastinating. I took pictures of my stash. Just.For.You. And to waste more time since I don't feel like cleaning!!

First up is Quaker Diamonds by Rosewood Manor. Love, love, love this chart and the threads are gorgeous! I've never stitched with Valdani threads before, I hope they are worth what I paid for them. I'm itching to start this one but I promised myself I wouldn't until after I finish Signs of Fall and another project for my daughter.

Next up is Christmas Sampler by Stoney Creek. I think this is so pretty. There is another Christmas Sampler just out by Sheperds Bush that I think I have to have too.

I first saw this next chart on Margie's blog, Three Cool Pugs and Me. I thought it was such a cute stitch that I had to get it. Not sure when I'll get to it but it'll be here when I'm ready!

This next one by Lizzie Kate is so dang cute! I can't wait to stitch this one and finish it up cute like the picture! I can see all kinds of ways to display it, can't you?

And finally, I thought this new one by Sweetheart Tree was too cute to pass up. Not sure if I will turn it into an ornament or what but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

I think I will leave you with the view from my front door this morning. The fall color is gorgeous right now, wish it was warm enough and dry enough to go out and enjoy it! Well, I have procrastinated long enough and they will be here before I know it. Have a great weekend everyone and I'll see ya when I get back! Thanks for stopping in!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Happy Monday Everyone!

The sun finally came out around these parts on Sunday after almost a week straight of gray clouds! Today is supposed to be nice out and I intend to go out and get the stink blown offa me!! I was planning to do it yesterday but it was too windy out there. Guess that really would have blown the stink off if I had gone out yesterday huh. I should have thought of that then!

Today I tried to burn the house down. All I really accomplished though was a fire in the toaster, traumatizing the dogs and a smelly house. I'm not sure what went wrong. Same setting on the toaster that I always use, same english muffin I always toast but for some reason while I was sweeping and it was toasting......FIRE!!!! At least I know the new smoke alarms work! Don't think I will be using that toaster anymore. Got the mess cleaned up, the alarms shut off, the smoke aired out and the dogs calmed down. I don't think they suffered any permanent damage do you?

Top to bottom: Gracie Lou Freebush, Kallie Josephine, and Missouri Primrose, (Missy)

Been doing quite a bit of stitching and have made good progress on Signs of Fall. This is as of last night:

Looking good I think. Still, I doubt that I will get it finished in time to display it this year. But ya never know.

Well, I need to go vacuum the carpets. I just did it yesterday but I noticed this morning when I came down that someone (Dan) tracked sawdust all over the floor. He's working on a project for me so I guess I can't complain too loudly but really, vacuuming two days in a row is wrong! That might just really traumatize the dogs! Especially on top of the smoke alarm. Now all I need to do to guarantee total and complete insanity on Kallie's part is to start up the lawn mower. She's terrified of the lawn mower!

Till next time, may your days be bright and sunny! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Oh! did you see I have 41 followers? I was amazed! I think when I hit 50 I'm gonna have to have a give away to celebrate!