Sunday, October 5, 2014

Another Dan finish and some Julie stitching too!

Happy October Everyone!

The weather in Nebraska turned chilly Friday so I have been starting my days with some hot chocolate in my favorite mug!  I have to say I love everything about this mug.  The weight of it, the color, the way the handle fits in my hand, the size and lets not forget the saying!  It's perfect!

Dan is off in Kansas City having a Nascar day.  Up to this point he has not really been a fan, he'd watch it some if it happened to be on but he could take it or leave it.   I am however, predicting that after seeing it in person he will be a convert.    *UPDATE:  Didn't even get this posted before he called to say he bought a Danica Patrick hat and she autographed it and he is a huge fan now! Silly predictable man!  LOL!

In my last post I promised to share his latest project.  I didn't get a chance to blog this past week though and now instead of a WIP I get to share his finish!

this will be a gift for a friend of Dans
When he started this project, Dan informed me that he will need a matching "man" fob for all his stitching projects and could I please make him one for this project.  He already has a ship fob which I thought would work just fine but noooo, he wanted a lighthouse fob.   I told him I didn't think there would be a lighthouse charm anywhere in the stores here. We live in Nebraska, why would we need a lighthouse charm?  So what did he do??  The man trotted his happy azz off to the store and came home with a lighthouse charm just to prove me wrong.  I then had no choice but to make him a fob.  If only it would stop there.  But I can see the writing on the wall already as hints are being dropped left and right about how he only has one pair of scissors.  Seriously dude, they don't make "manly" embroidery scissors!!

I am not sure what his next project will be.  He keeps telling me to choose his next piece and I keep telling him to choose his own.  It will be interesting to see what he comes up with.  

I have eased back in to stitching and am doing well.  I take frequent breaks and do my exercises and and so far so good.  I finished Blackbird Designs Midnight Watch last week but forgot to take a picture and I left it at work.  I was almost done with it before my neck went to pieces so I didn't have much left to do and I am beyond thrilled that I finished it.  I had set a goal to finish it  and Tuscan Rose this year and was shooting for before Fall Retreat.  One out of two isn't bad considering.  We're having a Christmas Ornament Exchange at Retreat this Fall and I was thinking I would be able to participate but I was wrong.  I stitched up a piece this week and now I just need to finish it.  I will have to wait to show you that one after retreat though.  And I dug out Tuscan Rose last night and put a few stitches in it but not enough to take a picture.   Which leaves me with showing a couple three pin pillows I stitched well over a year ago and finally put together a couple of weeks ago although I am still debating trims on them.

L- Jeanette Douglas,  R - Blackbird Designs 

 And a Lizzie Kate that I stitched right around Mother's Day last spring but haven't decided what to do with it yet.    

If I remember correctly, I switched up the colors a bit on this one.

Quick update on the kids,

Adam and Marcia are doing well and looking forward to finding a town house when their apt. lease is up.  We've seen quite a bit of Adam the last few months as work has brought him to town and Marcia popped in for a weekend before my surgery.  Both will be here for Christmas this year and we are very excited for that!

Abby is still dating Joe and they are doing well.  Joe just bought a house so Abby is busy trying to figure out how to decorate as Joe says she can do what she wants within reason with the main living areas as long as she doesn't touch "the man cave".   No girly stuff though.  Abby starts her new hours at work this week and is looking forward to seeing more of Joe.  Grandpuppy Lola is a spoiled rotten little ball of fluff but we adore her!

hard to find a pic where one or both of them
aren't making a silly face!  Sorry Joe!
Amy moved to Ohio for grad school in June and is doing well although busy doesn't quite cover it.  She was told grad school would be entirely different from college and they weren't lying but she is thriving and making new friends.   She calls almost every day and fills me in on what is happening but to be honest, most of it goes over my head!!  We miss her constantly and are looking forward to seeing her at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Amy is on the far right
And with that I will call it a day.  I hope you all are having a great weekend full of stitching!

Take care till next time!