Friday, July 8, 2011

Feeling better and some stitching updates!!

 Now that I am out of my drug induced stupor  which might have allowed me to post things that shouldn't necessarily be out there in the world, I think it's safe for me to re-enter the blogging world!  Then again, the drugs would have given me a perfect excuse to say whatever popped into my head and you all wouldn't have held it against me because I was on some very strong painkillers.  Darn!  Missed a good opportunity once again.

My surgery went well. The nerve block that was supposed to allow me to wake up from surgery with no pain however, did not work!  I never wake up from anesthesia well and I'm told this was no exception.  I woke up in  a lot of pain and they were not prepared for that.  Luckily, Dan had filled the prescription for pain meds already and they were able to get me comfortable fairly quickly.  Surgery was at 1 and we got home about 6:30 that evening.  Later than they anticipated and I think they were happy to see me go.

Recovery has not been too terrible.  Yes there was/is pain but with the meds it is tolerable.  I think the complete and utter boredom is worse than the pain.  One can only do so much from a seated position and crutching it isn't working so well.  My left hip does not like bearing all my considerable weight so I am pretty much stuck in my recliner chair all day long with the exception of  those times when I transfer to the rolling chair and roll around in the kitchen.  Everything I do is a process that has to be thought out because the last thing I need is to fall and break a hip or tear the sutures holding the tendon together.  It really makes you appreciate the little things in life.  Like washing your bum.  Hard to do when seated.  Nuff said.

 I also apparently act out my dreams as I found out the other night.  My dear dear wonderful husband had installed a plastic spider in the ceiling vent of Amy's room and she discovered it before going to bed the other night.  Amy and I both have an irrational fear of spiders.  Just talking about them can bring on a nightmare.  And that night I had one where the floor was covered with the little buggers and I was stomping on them.  The foot that had surgery.  As I was stomping in my dream I was also stomping with my leg IRL.  Can we say OUCH!!  Even though I wasn't stomping on the actual floor just the action was enough to cause considerable pain.  I cursed the man a blue streak once the pain subsided and if parts of his body should happen to fall off in the next little while...he deserves it.

I go back to the Dr. on Monday and I think they take the splint off and cast the leg at that point.  I'm hoping to get the green light to go back to work at this time also.  Won't be able to do a ton of framing but I'm sure I can do some things.  I miss the shop and all the people.

I'm getting some stitching done but not as much as one might expect.  The first week I couldn't see well enough to focus on the stitching.  Good drugs will do that to you. LOL!!  I'm doing better this week but I gotta say, after 6 hours I'm pretty much tired of it and want to do something else.  Never the less progress is being made.  I stitched up this Blackbird design from their book A Stitcher's Journey and will mount it on a wood pedestal base.

And I've stitched on Tuscan Rose too.  Finished all that back stitchy crap for now and am happy to see the end of it.  For now.  There's another band of it further down.  I had to frog some last night so I didn't get as far as I wanted to.  Rotten frog. I don't think he should visit people who are recovering from surgery.  Do you hear that Frog!  I don't need any more stinking visits from you!!!  Go see Doreen or Connie!!   Sorry girls.  I had to send him somewhere.  Forgive me?


Before surgery, I finished up these two cuties for a customer.  This was my first time using this particular   finishing technique.  It's not a flat fold, it uses an acrylic stand and I really like how it turns out.  The customer did too and now she wants to finish the series.  

I could go on and on today but most likely you have tuned out by now.  I'll have to post again sooner than normal so I can get it all out.  I have kitchen pictures and more stitching pictures and on and on.  Anyway,

Take care till next time!



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And the winner is....

Catherine from Bramblewood Stitches

Blogger Catherine said...

Best wishes with your surgery!

Love your kitchen - the cabinets look great!

Your giveaway goodies are great - I'd love to give the bird a new home! Thanks and congrats on all of your followers!
June 28, 2011 9:28 PM
Congratulations Catherine!  If you could email me your snail mail address I will do my best to get Dan to mail your package in a timely manner!  If I don't hear from Catherine in 5 days I will draw another winner.   
Thanks everyone for entering the giveaway and thank you all for the comments on the kitchen and my surgery.  I am doing well, I quit taking the heavy duty drugs 2 days ago and the pain is tolerable so that is a good thing.  I'm bored out of my mind and to be honest, kinda tired of stitching!  So today I have been scooting around in a rolling chair and sorting through paperwork that has piled up and paying bills that really should have been paid before I had surgery!  OOPS!  My bad.  Also fighting with the insurance company regarding a charge from the Dr. that they are not paying on a bill for Amy.  I hate insurance companies.    
The Kitchen is coming along nicely.  No pictures today but maybe the next post.  I'm running out of energy now so will keep this short and go take a quick nap.  

Take care till next time!