Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back on my Feet

Wow!  Where does one start after such a long absence?  I'd say at the beginning of the absence but my poor pea brain can't remember that far back!  I do know at the time I was busy preparing for our Spring retreat so perhaps I should begin there in spite of it being old news.

The theme was Voyage of Discovery, based loosely on  Christopher Columbus and other explorer's voyages during the Age of Discovery.   Everyone there received 2 exclusive charts designed just for the occasion.  Dan designed and built the frame to fit either design and these were included in the attendees goody bag.  We offered a class where those that wanted to, could discover how to make a button bracelet.  We had a Rosewood Manor and a Fabric Flair Trunk Show, a swap table, brag table, massages, and door prizes also. All in all I think a good time was had by everyone.

Rosewood Manor Retreat Exclusive
My  Design
Goody Bags

Contents of the goody bags
this years ort container
complete with gold coins
Everyone received a brown paper package tied up with string
 containing the fabric and floss for the project.
all the goodies at check in 
Everyone had to "discover" buried treasure
 by digging in the jewels and coins
the treasure was a bottle containing the chart
Button Bracelet Class
the bracelet when finished
All the stitcher's stitching away!

It wasn't long after retreat that things kinda went to hell in a hand basket.  I had been having problems with my shoulders, neck, lower back since before Christmas. Went to the chiro, multiple times, had a deep tissue massage (never again!!!), went to physical therapy but nothing was making me feel better. Got up one morning found that sitting at the computer was no longer possible, the pain was too bad.  Went to work and spent half the time lying on the floor.  Went to the Dr. who sent me back to physical therapy. By this time (end of May)  I was flat on my back, not going to work, not stitching, not living.  I went back to the Dr. who decided I needed an MRI.  After the MRI, which showed a slight bulge of my C4-5,  the Dr. sent me to a neurosurgeon, by this time if I was upright my right arm had to be on the top of my head and my head had to be tilted to the left as that was the only way I got any pain relief at all.  If I tried to use my right arm to do something it would just flop around, I had no control over it.  Sitting in a chair was no longer an option.  My life was at a standstill.  The wheels of medicine spin ever so slowly anymore so it was August by the time I had seen the neurosurgeon, been told I needed a myelogram, actually had the myelogram and received the results.  While I did have a slight bulge at C4-5, it was actually my C6-7 that was bad and pressing on the nerve which was causing all the pain, loss of control and weakness in my arm.  Surgery was scheduled for August 19th and I am now 3+ weeks out from that.  I'm feeling better although that is a double edged sword because you think you are better than you really are so you have a tendency to over-do and then you pay for it!  I have a ton of restrictions yet, haven't tried stitching, stretching or anything like that at this point.  But I am hopeful that soon I will be able to pick up the reins of my life and move forward.

Think that'll do it for this episode.  My time at the computer is very limited still unless I want a massive headache which I gotta tell ya is a big  NO!

Take care till next time!