Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flowers, thrifty finds, and a Parrot update

Happy Hump Day!

So far it's been pretty productive for me.  I  vacuumed  and swept, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher, met with a 3rd HVAC guy and last but not least I went through the long and ardurous process of  getting the photos off my camera and onto the computer.  Since the computer blew up it will no longer read my camera card or my cord.  Now I have to ask Amy for her computer password, get the pictures onto her computer, download them to picasaweb and then get on my computer, take them from picasaweb into photoshop elements, tweak them and finally save them to my computer.  I think it's time to cry uncle and get a new computer.

As you know last Thursday was our wedding anniversary, so you can understand my confusion when I got a call Wednesday from MaryAnn at the shop saying I had a bouquet of flowers waiting for me.  Now I know that Dan was aware of our anniversary and that he knew it was not on Wednesday and he knows that Wednesday is my day off, so why were the flowers delivered that day? I thought about just leaving the flowers till the next day but MaryAnn turns the A/C off at night and since it has been so hot out I didn't want to stress the flowers and have them die sooner than they normally would.  I would have gone to get them but I was without a car that day so I put a phone call into Dan and asked if he would pick them up and bring them home for me on his way home.  He was a tad upset at them being delivered a day early so without telling me he was doing it,   he swung  by the flower shop and yelled at them at bit and insisted they send a bigger and better bouquet (at their expense) to the shop on Thursday.    In the meantime he brought home this beautiful bouquet for me.  I love carnations!

Thursday afternoon around 4 I received a call from Dan, after chatting for a few minutes he asked me if I had received more flowers.  When I replied that I hadn't, he didn't believe me!!  He questioned me, accused me of pulling his leg (actually his exact words were more along the lines're shitting me) and it wasn't until I put Connie on the phone that he believed I had not received any other flowers.  Dan must have immediately called the flower shop to yell at them because it wasn't 15 minutes after he hung up that a gal comes through the shop door carrying not one but two bouquets of flowers!!  One from Dan and another from the flower shop as an apology!!  I sent the apology bouquet home with Connie, I really didn't need 2 bouquets, much less 3 and she was happy to have them.  The replacement bouquet was stunning!   Isn't it beautiful??!   My husband is the best!!

Saturday was a non-stitching day at the shop and since Abby moved out the house stays remarkably cleaner so I decided to take a day to do some shopping.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find any partners in crime to go with me so I had to go it alone.  Despite that, I was able to find some great treasures!

I started my day at Hobby Lobby.  Their home dec fabric was on sale,  On an earlier trip  I had spotted a fabric that I thought might work to cover the ottoman in the family room.   Abby took the love seats from the basement so I decided to bring the ottoman upstairs, but the blue and brown fabric doesn't go well with the red, gold and green color scheme in the family room.  I'll take it to work with me and use my staple gun there to re-cover it.

I picked up a couple of unfinished wood items while I was there too.  I have an idea for what I want to do with them but it involves finishing the parrot and starting and finishing a couple of other projects.  It'll be a while before that happens!

I'll use this as a sewing box instead of a jewelry box
My last find at HL was in the clearance section.  They had the few remaining skeins of DMC varigated floss for 95 cents/skein so I bought them to add to my stash.

After HL, I went across the street to the Thrift Store.  For months I've been looking for a narrow end table to put beside the love seat next to where I stitch.  I could find large square tables, I could find round tables, I could even find rectangular tables, but all were too wide for the space.  But that day I scored!!  The perfect Ethan Allen end table, just the right width and only $30.00 bucks!!!  The finish is in great shape if I want to leave it that way but it would paint up cute if I want to go that route.

Guess I should have dusted it before taking it's picture

I also found this cute little porcelain piece for 98 cents.   It's tiny, I'm not sure you can tell that by the picture but it measures about 2.5 inches tall and maybe 3 inches wide.  I'm going to make a pretty little pin cushion out of it I think.

I forgot to take pictures of the other treasures I found.  Just some unfinished wood items that I think I can use for finishing customer pieces.  Nothing too fantastic.  At least not fantastic enough to make me want to try the whole picture/computer/downloading thing again!!

After the thrift store I swung by the Junque Factory, didn't buy anything there although I did eyeball a couple of things pretty closely.  And finally I stopped in at Weathered and Worn.  Another of my favorite places but it was pretty crowded, most likely from the Junque Factory being open that weekend (they're only open one weekend/month) so I didn't stick around long plus my ankle was telling me I needed to wind things up.

The rest of the weekend I spent doing laundry and stitching on my bird.  Slowly but surely I am whittling away at the flowers.  Still loving the colors but am starting to dislike all the color changes.

And that my friends is it for today.  Thank you all for the anniversary wishes, I showed them to Dan, we were both touched that you took the time to wish us well.  

Take care till next time!!