Monday, December 7, 2009

A Sneak Peek, an update, and an apology!

Whew! Where is the time going? I need and extra day in the week I think to get everything done that needs doing!

I am so sorry to have disappeared into the ether but it just couldn't be helped. Between getting the shop set up, broken cars, decorating the house and setting up the village, there has been no time to do much of anything. Thank God the Huskers decided to win against whoever it was ( can you tell I'm not really a football fan?) which meant they would be playing the night I was planning the open house. I had to re-schedule the open house to the 12th which gave me another week that I desperately needed. I'm still somewhat panicked but I think I will make it by Saturday!

A brief rundown of what has occurred:

I did not host Thanksgiving. No way was I going to be ready for that. We celebrated Adams birthday just the 5 of us plus Abby's boyfriend. It was nice, the house was a wreck but the food was excellent if I do say so myself and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Abby's car broke down right after Thanksgiving and given that it is 15 yrs. old with 165,000. miles on it and needed over a thousand dollars worth of work done to it, we decided to retire it and get Dan a new used car and let Abby drive "little red" as we call the elantra. Took a while to find the right car and get the best financing but finally we found what was acceptable to Dan, and he is now the proud driver of an Altima. Or at least he was until yesterday when he was backed into in the parking lot Michaels. He's okay but the car took a good hit.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was of course the last Saturday of the month so we needed to have the shop put together for last Saturday Stitching. I think it went well but you would have to ask the stitcher's to know for sure. The shop is still a work in progress but it's getting better and I can at least frame things now.

Here's a couple of pics from Last Saturday:

Stacy finished her project while she was there. She doesn't get to stitch very often as she is a mom to 3, a wife, a student and she has a job outside of the home as well! We'll just call her Wonder Woman from now on!

We've had quite a few framing jobs come in so I am working hard to get everything done by Christmas. It's amazing how rusty I am in only 2 months. I'm getting used to the smaller work space but it is a challenge I gotta say. The first job through the door was a football jersey! Really, a football jersey. Nothing like jumping in with both feet! They aren't hard, just time consuming and large!!

Not much stitching is getting done right now but here is a shot of what is done as of last saturday stitching.

I'm working on the back stitching and it's slow going on the flowers. The charts in color but the backstitching on the chart is in black and it's really hard to see.

And finally, the other reason for my absence is the village. It's sucking up huge amounts of time but is finally shaping up. So as a reward for your patience, here is a tiny sneak peek to tide you over till it's completely finished and I have time to take all the pictures.

That's it! All my excuses for being an absent blog owner. I hope you can hang in there another week or so and let me get through this open house. We so enjoy sharing the village with everyone but man it's been a long road setting it up this time. Dan has been adding all kinds of new stuff which is part of the problem. Anyway, that's it for now. I hope you stop in and leave a comment so I know you haven't disappeared into the ether too! Good Night and God Bless!