Sunday, July 24, 2011

For the Naggers out there...

My husband Dan works in an office where most of his co-workers are women.  He gets along great with women,  flirts, pulls little pranks, gossips with the best of them and generally they share all of life's up and downs with each other.  One might say he's just one of the gals!  Well, one might say that if one doesn't want one's kitchen finished!    Aw heck, I'll live dangerously and say it anyway!  Today, I am dedicating this post to two of his friends from the office.  Judy and Lynn.  The reason for this dedication you ask?  They get the top ranking for biggest nags when it comes to my blogging and pictures of the kitchen.  Every day Dan comes home from work and says, did you blog today?  Judy and Lynn are wanting more pictures of the kitchen progress.  Every day I've been  responding with no, no blogging today dear.  Just don't feel like it.  Or, no I didn't have time today (a blatant lie, I mean all I can do is sit on my butt right now, so how can I not have time??)  Finally I responded with I'm not going to blog until you have the pantry doors done and you can tell Judy and Lynn that .  I figured this would surely do one of two things.  They would either quit asking Dan about it and in turn he would quit asking me or they would turn their nagging on Dan and start dinging him about getting the pantry doors  done.  It's a win win for me, he works harder so they quit dinging him or they quit dinging him altogether and I wouldn't have to feel guilty for not blogging. Amazingly enough it worked!!  I didn't hear those dreaded "Did you blog today" words come out of his mouth until he got the doors done.  Now I feel I have no choice but to share the progress that has been made in the almost 2 weeks since my last post.  Been a lot going on so sit back, grab a cuppa something and get comfy.

When last I wrote,  Abby had just graduated, we'd had her party and she was preparing to take her boards.  This has been a very stressful couple of weeks for us all.  As Abby's stress level rises so does her snarkiness and we've all been tiptoeing around trying not to set her off.  Hard to do since all you really needed to to was look at her and she'd explode.  The girl has no confidence in herself and her ability to pass the boards.  I know she's smart, but she doesn't.  Well, I am pleased and proud to announce that this past Wednesday she sat for her boards and she passed them with points to spare!!!  Dan and I were both in tears from relief and from being so gosh darn proud of our daughter.  Two years ago this was just a dream on the horizon and now it is a reality.  It's also a reality that x-ray jobs are few and far between so between me, my sister and Dan we convinced Abby to go back to UNO and finish out her bachelors degree.  She's re-enrolled and signed up for classes and hopefully if all goes well and she can get and pass all the classes she needs she will graduate next summer.  I have no doubt that next year we'll be having another graduation party for her.

I was also headed to the Dr. the last time I wrote to get my splint off and my cast on.  I was hoping the cast might be somewhat more comfortable than the splint but it really isn't.  I've been bitching complaining ever since my surgery that my heel hurt and I couldn't figure that out because the portion of the tendon that was bad was quite a ways from the part of my heel that was hurting.  I discovered why when they took the splint off.  The incision went clear down onto my heel!!    Color me stupid because I had no idea it would go that low.  I will put a picture of the incisions before they took the stitches out at the very bottom of this post.  It's a bit gruesome looking and if you are squeamish you might not want to go there.   So that explained the pain which made me feel somewhat better anyway but the darn cast rubs in the same place as the splint did so that is still bothering me quite a bit.  The rest of it feels mostly good unless I do something stupid like slip on my crutches and come down on my right leg.  Which I did.    OUCH!!  I was told I could have any color cast I wanted except yellow.  Of course I had to ask why I couldn't have yellow (not that I wanted yellow but inquiring minds want to know why no yellow cast).  The response?  They were out of yellow.  So I chose pink.  Amy wanted me to choose orange, I didn't think I wanted to look like a construction cone though so I ixnayed that quickly.   My wonderful family have put some very warm and loving sentiments on my cast.   For instance, Amy wrote...

Abby bless her heart drew me a picture.

That would be a Tyrannosaurus Rex and the reason for that drawing is because my wonderful and loving husband says that I'm not really all that short, I just have T-Rex sized arms.  The family finds this hilarious and takes every opportunity to bring that up.  Including hanging a plastic one from my rear view mirror in the car.  They are lucky I wouldn't do well in prison...I'm just saying.

Dan signed my cast this way.

Ahhhhh, that's more like it!  And serve he has.  He's been very good trying to meet all my needs and  I really appreciate it.
I started back to work last week on a part time basis.  I have to say, framing whilst standing on one leg...not so fun.  I stand for a bit then sit, then stand, then sit.  By the time I go home my ankle is swollen to the point of pain and I am exhausted.  But it feels good to be back doing what I love.    Thankfully most folks have been very patient and understanding about having to wait for their framing.  

In just 2 more long and drawn out weeks I will get my lovely pink cast removed and then I get a beautiful black walking boot!!    Still won't be able to drive but at least I'll be able to stand on two legs and go shopping walk.  

Do you need to go get another cup of coffee or tea?  I can wait for you.   Hurry up!

I've been stitching some and I'll show you one thing I finished  finished but won't get into the rest of it today since I am sure Lynn and Judy are foaming at the mouth by now.  You didn't really think I was going to hop right into the kitchen stuff did you Judy?

This is Blackbird Designs Thistle House stitched over 2 on Cream 40 count linen using the called for fibers.  This chart can be found in their book A Stitcher's Journey.  I chose this chart knowing exactly what I wanted to do with it.  It was perfect for these sweet little Treasure Boxes we have in the shop.  I love how it turned out!

Okay, I best talk about the kitchen now before the girls completely stroke out.  Quite a lot of progress has been made.  The cupboards doors that were not done in the last picture I posted are done and hung.  The counters are finished.  The new sink and faucet is installed and the pantry doors are now finished.  Dan is currently working on the back splash.  No pictures of that yet.

Can I just say how much I love my new pantry?  It holds so much more than the old one and you can find what you want without digging through everything!  Best thing we did.  And to think Dan didn't think it was necessary!

I've been thinking hard about accessories, I ordered some fabric for curtains, but it will be a while before I can sew them and I don't know anyone that sews stuff like that.  I can't wait till I can get out there and look for some of the things I want.

Dan and I are having an ongoing conversation regarding an island.  He wants one.  BAD.  I don't think we truly have enough space for one.  If we custom build one and make it a skimpy 15 inches wide, that leaves us with only 32 inches of aisle space on either side.  Doable maybe if I were a skinny minnie  but even when I am able to exercise once again and hopefully can lose all the weight I have packed on in the last 3 years, I still won't be a skinny minnie.  But he really really wants one for some reason so we are still discussing it.

Finally, here's the picture of my leg with stitches.

Kinda gross right?  Now you know why Amy called me Frankenstein.  Luckily I have always healed up pretty good and generally don't scar much.  Let's hope that holds true.

That's it for today folks. I'm all out of interesting things to say .  I hope you enjoyed today's blog and as always, I love comments and questions.  Thanks for stopping by and take care till next time!!!