Monday, August 24, 2009

New wip, update and ummmm stuff

Good Monday Morning!

It was a very busy weekend. Still didn't accomplish everything that needed to be accomplished but progress was made and you can't complain too much about it. Well, you could complain but it isn't going to do you any good so why waste the time doing so?

Dan and I went over to Adams apt. both Friday and Saturday to check out the painting job he was doing, paint some for him and to discuss what was next. Adam is doing a great job with the painting for his first attempt! He is now finished with the main living areas and the hallways. I still need to pick paint for the den, bathroom, and bedroom. Just waiting on art and bedding and a shower curtain to arrive so I can get the colors picked based on those items. His blackout curtains arrived Saturday so I picked those up this morning after taking Amy to school. I think the color will work. Dan installed some new hall light fixtures also. Tonight after work he is planning to install the new kitchen light fixture. Right now it's just a big round bare bulb. Can we say yuck?!

Abby went to orientation for radiology school this morning. She was very nervous which is strange because the girl can get a brick wall to talk to her if she wants to. I think it's mostly a lack of confidence in herself. She doesn't think she's smart enough to do this. She is, but I can't convince her of it.

I want to give you all a sneak peek at the dresser we picked up at Goodwill this weekend. She's a beauty! I'll be putting a hutch on the top and it will go in the craft room that we've been working on in the basement.
Here's the front:

Another shot:

I was lucky to get these pictures, Dan was already working on the dresser by the time I got in the house, located my camera and got back out to the garage! Don't you wish you had a dresser just like this one? :)
Trust me, you won't recognize her when he's done with her!

We made some good progress on the basement this weekend too. Took a large load to the Goodwill, I started loading up the other closet in the craft room, bought some curtains for the nooks, and then some old friends decided to come out of the closet and play.

They were very happy to leave the confines of the closet after almost 5 years. These are mostly my vintage and vintage reproduction dolls, with a few glamor gals on the bottom.

Some stitching got done this weekend also. Not much though, too busy with other things. I started a shop model. I can't say that I am enjoying working on this dark brown fabric. I've had to frog quite a bit on it already. These eyes do not like dark colors anymore. I'm using my readers, my ott light and white fabric on my lap but holy moly I can't stitch for long on it before I have a headache! Anyway, can anyone guess what this is going to be? Bet ya can't!

and the chatelaine:

I guess that's all I've got to say for now. Not the most exciting of posts but that's the way it is sometimes!
Today is my last official day of work. Still not sure exactly what is going to happen. I'm praying hard and we'll see what comes of it!

Thanks for stopping in and commenting if you do! It's always appreciated!