Friday, March 26, 2010

On my way to Retreat!

Just wanted to pop in quickly and let you all know I am taking off for a weekend of friends, food and stitching! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'll have lots to post about when I get home so hang tight.

Also, FYI I chose #3 and Dan has it all painted but I don't have time to take pics right now. I'll do it when I get home.

Take care!


Monday, March 22, 2010


Good Morning!

It might be afternoon by the time I am done posting this but I assure you, I am starting it in the morning. I have good intentions but you know how that goes. I hope everyone had great weekend. I can't say that I got a ton done this weekend. Laundry and grocery shopping were the top two items on the list and they did get done but the rest of the list kinda went by the wayside. It's like this. I got distracted. I was at the shop Saturday till 4:00. Then Dan picked me up and we went grocery shopping. So far so good. We got home, unloaded the groceries, put them all away, I cleaned out the fridge and then made supper. Still on track. Ran the dishwasher, watched an episode of Fringe and threw together an egg casserole for breakfast Sunday morning. By this time it was 11:00p.m. so bed was calling me. Loudly. Sunday morning dawned bright and clear, I bounded out of bed anxious to start my day, okay, I'm lying. I rolled out of bed, hit the shower with my eyes still closed, did my hair and minimal makeup, sorted the clothes and carried the first load down the stairs. Threw them in the washer, turned on the oven, cleaned up the kitchen a bit, put the casserole in to cook and then sat down to read blogs, check email and play some games on facebook. I'm still on target at this point. First load of laundry gets done, I throw it in the dryer, go upstairs to get the next load, tell Dan breakfast is almost ready and he needs to get up so he'll be ready to head to Lowe's as soon as we eat. Wake Adam up, everyone eats, I throw another load in the wash and off we go to Lowe's. It's only 10:00 at this point. I'm doing good on the laundry and as soon as I return from Lowe's I'll start the cleaning. This is where things started going awry. Our mission at Lowe's was to pick out paint for the library. I adore the current color of the library. It's rich and cozy and very library like until you see it next to the woodwork and then it's like a sour note in a beautiful piano piece. Kinda ruins the whole thing. So in my head I have chosen a rich cozy very library like Olive green. It would look great with the woodwork, there is already olive green in the rug, and olive green in the dining room so this should be an easy pick. WRONG!!! That's the problem with having a vision already in your head. Number one, you rarely can translate exactly what is in your head and make it work in reality. Number two, people look at you funny when you say, I can see it so clearly in my head, they start wondering if you listen to voices in your head too. I try to ignore them most of the time. The voices I mean.....What's that? Nothing! I heard NOTHING! You didn't hear anything did you?

Anyway, I digress. To get back to the point......I plucked 10 different paint chips from several different brands of paint, weeded them down to 4 and had them mix up sample pots for me. Came home, gave Dan 4 paper plates and numbered the samples 1-4 on the cans and the chips. He started painting splotches on the wall while I started another load of laundry. So now my wall looks like this:

I sit down on the couch to study the samples. #1, like it but with the green in the dining room it's too yellow, #2 too bright, #3 is okay but not making me go ahhhhh, #4 too blue. What do you think Dan I ask? He liked #1. Hmmmm, yeah, I like #1 but look at it with the colors in the dining room. Now what do you think? He states that he doesn't think it has to work with the dining room. I state that I really think it needs to since they are open to each other. So there we sit. Pondering paint. While the day dribbles through our fingers. Back and forth we go. Finally at 2:30 I tell him to go sand and stain a piece of woodwork so I can see it with the woodwork on the wall. thirty minutes later he's back.

Okay, leaning toward # 3 from the left. But I'm not really feeling it. It just doesn't make my mouth water. Soooooo, off to Home Depot we go. Another hour later we are back with 2 more samples. Slapped those on the wall.....

Love the richness of the one on the end but hate it with the dining room. #5 is waaaay too bright. Crap. It's now 4:30. I was still sitting there wavering back and forth between the colors I liked and what went the best, watching the light changing in the room and hoping it would suddenly make one of the samples be what I saw in my head. Amy comes in and says, "You making anything for dinner?" WTH?? Does she not realize the decision I'm trying to make? How dare she interrupt my decision making process. I'll make dinner when it's time I say. Before 8:00p.m. she says? Of course I respond, don't be silly. Well you better hurry up then cuz it's 7:00p.m. now! WHAT!! Are you kidding me??? I've been sitting here staring at the wall for hours??? How did that happen? Dinner, dishes, the rest of the laundry later and I said screw it. I'll think about it tomorrow and went to bed. my house is a freaking sty. My walls are blotchy. I didn't get much stitching in and I still haven't picked a paint color. Dan asked me this morning if I was picking up paint or if he was. I had to tell him I'd let him know. I wonder if he'd mind re-doing the dining room......

Till next time, thanks for stopping in and commenting. Love those comments!!