Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Hard to believe it's already Wednesday! Gotta love a short work week!

I'm glad everyone liked Hare's Christmas. Thanks for the compliments and thanks also for the lovely comments on Abby's art. I showed them to her and she was quite surprised that people liked them.

So I think I did a stupid thing Monday. I was browsing Craigslist when I spied a listing for 2 antique chairs. Clicked on the listing and up came the picture. The first chair is somewhat unique in my opinion and I knew Miss Abby would love the shape of it. The second chair was perfect! I've been looking for a chair to fit in the corner of my bedroom and I could see it in my minds eye all spruced up with a throw tossed carelessly over the arm. The price was great too, only $20.00 for both! I quickly emailed the person selling the chairs and got an answer back before too long, the chairs were still available and we could come look at them any time. I grabbed Dan and quick like a rabbit we hopped in the car and headed down the road to Bellevue. Arriving at our destination we rang the bell and were shown to the basement where these beauties were being stored. The young couple that was selling the chairs had just recently moved from Wyoming. With an infant and new jobs they just didn't have the time to clean the chairs up so they decided to sell them and get them out of their basement. Dan and I sat on them, turned them upside down, hemmed and hawed, discussed if we wanted one or both and the gal pipes up and says you can have them both for $15.00. Fifteen huh, well I guess if we can get them in the car we'll take them. I gave her the $15.00 and we carried them outside and lo and behold they fit just fine in the car. And that right there was where the stupid part came in. If I had a lick of sense in my head I would have pretended that they didn't fit, got my money back and got our happy asses out of there. But no....I brought these chairs home and chattered all the way about how awesome they were going to look re-done.

I have to blame my friend Becca for thinking these chairs would be a good idea. Mostly because I don't really want to take the blame for being stupid but also because she just finished a chair similar to the red one and it turned out beautifully! But, and this is a big BUT...she has a friend that knows how to upholster and said friend was happy to help her learn how to do it. I do not have such a friend. Becca lives in Dayton. Ohio. She isn't going to come to Omaha anytime in the foreseeable future to teach me how to do it. So what in the sam hill was I thinking buying these chairs????? I certainly can't afford to pay someone to reupholster these beauties. I don't want them in my house the way they are and I would really like to park my car in my garage this winter instead of harboring this disreputable pair of chairs!! But the deed is done so I need to come up with a solution to the problem. Did I mention Abby wants Zebra stripes on the pink chair? Nothing like adding stripes to an already difficult project! I'll keep ya posted on their status but if you know anyone in my neck of the woods that would like to teach me the craft of re-upholstery, have them look me up. I'll be the one beating my head against the wall repeating Stupid stupid stupid over and over.

Take care till next time!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hare's Christmas Pillowized!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

It's been a very relaxing weekend so far. All the kids are home, the weather has been awesome, the food good...can't ask for more than that! Amy has had tons of stories about college life, Adam has had tons of stories about work so most of our time together has been spent talking and catching up. Today Amy is upstairs doing homework, Adam is off at a Fantasy Football draft, Abby is working and Dan is in the garage working on Amy's headboard. I'm doing laundry, getting stuff ready for supper and even stitching a bit. We had to watch an action movie as part of Amy's homework so we sat and watched Die Hard this morning. Can't get much better than Bruce Willis in a die hard movie for action! Tonight the kids are all going bowling. This is a strange and unusual occurrence in this house. Never have the 3 chosen to do something together. Willingly. With no fighting. Still trying to wrap my mind around that one!

Stitching has been scarce this week. I've been busy working on a little project for our fall retreat. It does include stitching but it's not done yet and I couldn't share it right now anyway since it's for retreat and some of the ladies read the blog. Everyone will have to be patient for 2 weeks and then I can show you.

I did get my Hare's Christmas back from the "pillowizer". It's so darn cute I can hardly stand it! Those rabbits just make me smile! I backed it with the fabric it's laying on.

I wanted to share some of Abby's artwork with you. She's been bored at work lately. Last week she took her sketch pad and pencils with her and this was the result:

She volunteered to do the bulletin board at school too. The radiology students wear blue scrubs and they get to dress up for Halloween this year so they decided to be Smurfs. Abby took that idea and drew a Smurf for the bulletin board and then added the lead apron and thyroid cover that the patients use.

I think it turned out really cute but I'm her mama so I might be a bit biased. Just a little.

Guess that's about it for today. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend as much as I am!

Take care!