Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I need your help, the dresser and my WIP

Good Morning!

I was looking at my blog this morning and realized it had been over a week since I last posted! Where did the time go?

I need your help. I have used all the resources at my disposal and have come up blank. You are my only hope Obi Wan. Oh wait, I got confused there for a second, I meant to say, you out there in blog land are my only hope. To finish part of my craft room I NEED to have one more 60 drawer cabinet with the clear drawers that men usually use to store nuts, bolts, screws and anything else that is lying around in the garage that they don't know what to do with. BUT, and this is the sticky wicket, it needs to be a certain size. Specifically, 14.5w x 14h x 6.5d. I can find ones that are 18" tall but that won't work. They no longer make the size I need. So in order to find one, it's going to have to be in some persons garage. I have searched ebay, craigslist, posted a message on craigslist asking for one, contacted all friends and relatives and now I'm throwing myself on your mercy. I am more than willing to pay a reasonable price for it and shipping costs to get it here. So please would you see if you have one that could be replaced with the stupid 18" tall one and let me know. And if you don't would you hound ask everyone you know to look too??? Pretty please with sugar on top? Here's a picture of one ( not the right one, mind you) that I have from my garage. Oh, and I don't mind if it's dirty, I can clean it up, it just needs to have all it's drawers and be fully functional. Thanks, I appreciate the help!

I've been pretty busy the past week. Last Tuesday I went to the dentist to get fitted for a crown and 2.5 hours later left with a partial root canal. Seems the dentist that put the original filling in cracked the tooth and drilled into the nerve or some such thing and so the pain was not going to be fixed with a crown. No siree, I needed a root canal. And because my roots extend into my sinus cavity, the dentist wasn't comfortable doing the whole thing so the next day I got to go to an endodontist and have him finish the root canal. Now, I don't know about you but I don't do the dentist well. I don't like the sounds, the smell, the taste or anything else that is involved in going to the dentist. Not even the stupid sticker or toy they offer you afterwards is enough to negate my feelings about the dentist. So you can imagine how I felt having to go 2 days in a row. BUT! Is it done after 2 days? No. It Is Not. It's now a week later and I am still surviving on pain killers and mush. I also have a canker sore on the inside of my cheek the size of Rhode Island. My eyeball hurts, my sinus' hurt, the roof of my mouth hurts, the tooth hurts, my ear hurts , well, I'm sure you're getting the idea. This happened with the last root canal they did also (different dentists) . They had to redo it twice that time. Correct me if I'm wrong but we have sent men to the moon, unmanned probes to Mars, invented the computer, the cell phone and all the other modern miracles in the last 100 years but for some reason, we can't seem to bring dentistry out of the dark ages!! That's just wrong. In so many ways. I'll keep you posted on what happens next.

Wednesday, before going to my second round of torture, I picked Amy's senior portraits up. This is another form of torture in my opinion. I have a certain amount of money I can spend on them and I am having a terrible time deciding which pictures to choose. Could be worse, there could be no good pictures to choose from but the back and forth, do I choose this picture or this picture is driving me crazy.

I've been working on the craft room this past week also. Not as much as I would have liked because I really haven't felt well but a few minutes here and few minutes there and it is starting to improve. Still a long way to go but I am hopeful that by the end of this next weekend it will be done. Dan finished up with that beautiful dresser I posted last time. Oh! That reminds me, as long as I'm complaining today, before I found this dresser at the thrift store I was looking for one on Craigslist. I was raised to believe that a dresser is a piece of furniture with drawers and is horizontal in shape and a chest of drawers was a piece of furniture with drawers and is vertical in shape. Apparently I am the only one that was raised to think this. And as I searched for a dresser I discovered a new pet peeve.....99% of people are selling what I call a chest of drawers but posting it under the title of dresser. Anyway, back to the beauty that we bought. Here she is today, all painted up purty with new hardware and placed in her new home in the craft room.

and with her new hutch installed on top she is ready for me to install all the scrapping stuff that she will hold!

Saturday was Last Saturday Stitching, held for the last time at the old shop. We're not sure where it will be next month, hopefully we will be up and running at the new shop if all goes well and will be able to have it there. We had 2 new stitchers join us Saturday, Sandy who reads my blog and her mom Jane. Very nice ladies, I didn't get to talk much to them as I was pretty busy most of the time but hopefully they had a good time and will continue to attend. I meant to take pictures of the day but in my drug induced state, I forgot.

My inlaws came down for the air show on Sunday which meant we had to clean house, sort of. More like a lick and a promise. I was somewhat embarrassed. Oh well. Life happens sometimes!

I've also been helping our son decorate his new apt. Picking paint colors, new light fixtures, curtains, art....last night Dan and I went over and hung his new blackout curtains. His TV was opposite the 8 feet of sliding glass doors which caused glare on the screen and we couldn't have that. I also rearranged a bit and hung some of his pictures. It's coming along nicely. Chose the paint color for his den last night too.

So as you can see I have been pretty busy which explains the lack of progress with my stitching. Here is the little I have managed to do. Pathetic isn't it? Any guess yet on what it is??

I need to get my day started. Breakfast so I can take more meds, phone calls need to be made, cleaning up so when Amy's piano students show up I'm not embarrassed and then the craft room. I hope you all have a great day and thanks for stopping in, commenting and hounding your friends for a cabinet. Sorry for the length of the post. I tried to be brief! :)