Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Happy Dance for His Lordship!

Hear ye Hear ye Hear ye!

M'Lord Dan is proud to proclaim a finish!  A first finish!  A fishy first finish!  Gather 'round all ye faithful followers and rejoice, for today marks an important date in the history of the McConnell Clan.   Despite working two jobs, plus catering to his lady's every wish (it's retreat time and his duties are many) His Lordship has proven the naysayers wrong and is pleased to share with you his very first, but certainly not his last stitchy finish!  Without further ado may I present to you His Lordships Ass Bass! Please forgive the un-ironed state, the ladies maid was busy cleaning the chamber pots and I didn't wish to wait till she was available.

M'Lord wishes to thank everyone for all the words of encouragement provided on my previous post.  He was overwhelmed by your kindness.  He also wishes to impart to those who inquired that he regrets to say he will not be starting his own blog.   One writer in the manor is enough.

Next up for his Lordship will be M'Lords Necessities Box and when asked if he was anxious to start he replied, not only anxious but excited.  I do believe he is turning out to be a true stitcher!

Take care till next time!