Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter illness, library paint and a new start!

Good Evening!!

I hope everyone had a terrific Easter weekend! I was supposed to have the whole family over for Easter yesterday but when I woke up Sunday morning I was pretty sure that wasn't going to happen. I was sick. Fever, stuffy and runny nose. Sore throat, headache. Yep, I was most definitely sick. This was going to be a major problem for the rest of the family as I was making the majority of the food due to the diabetics and celiac members. I knew no one else would have the makings for Easter dinner in their cupboards. Guilt was eating away at me. Maybe I should just drug myself up and not tell them I was sick. No, that wouldn't work, then I'd feel guilty when everyone else got sick. My first call was to my mom. I'm sick mom. She said oh, that's not good. What are you going to do? Well gee, that's why I'm calling. Do I cancel or give people the option of coming anyway? After a bit of discussion, it was decided I should call my younger sister and see what she said. She answered the phone and I said I'm sick. She responded with, we won't be there then. I can't blame her, her kids are healthy for the first time since winter started. Next I called my brother. His wife answered. I told her I was sick but they were still welcome to come if they wanted, I'd wear a mask. She hemmed and hawed and finally said, I'll call you back. She called back and said, no one wants to come. Called my older sister after that. She was worried about the 2 gluten free peanut butter pies she had made. How were they going to eat both of them? No problem, Abby will come pick one up and she'll do it with a smile on her face because she loves loves loves peanut butter pie. Big sis declined to come also. I called my mom back. No one is coming I told her. Well, your father and I don't need to get sick so we aren't coming either. Good lord, you would think I had the plague! So now I had a marinated pork roast and a large ham, potato casserole, double batch of oreo fluff, and more strawberries than I could eat in a month because I had planned strawberry shortcake for dessert. Big sis dropped the pie off and I pawned a large bag of strawberries off on her. Dan took the pork roast over to little sis and she cooked it for mom and dad and big sis' family. Brother and family did their own thing. So I guess it turned out okay for everyone but this makes 3 holidays in a row that we have been unable to get together. Kind of strange for us.

In the process of getting ready for the Easter that wasn't, I've been nagging encouraging Dan to get the new cherry trim up in the library so I could re-hang the drapes and get them off the floor. He finished this task at about 10:00p.m. Saturday night. I took pics this morning so I could share the new paint color with you all.

I haven't decided whether I will change the drapes at this point. Most likely after getting the quotes today for a new garage door, I will be keeping them.

I started a new project last week. Erica Michaels Papillon. 40 count gauze. Teeny tiny continental stitches. I'm not gonna lie. This is hard!! And it doesn't photograph well at all but here is what I have done so far.

I saw this stitched up at Market and it is gorgeous when done and there is a definite learning curve to it! It's getting easier now but there was a lot of cursing at first!

Amy went to Lincoln today to shadow a journalism student and sit in on a class. She said she learned a lot and it was worth the trip. Dan left for Arizona today. His parents are ready to come home and we didn't think his dad should be driving and his mom didn't want to so he will be on the road driving them home all week. Abby is on her last week of the Council Bluffs/Mercy Hospital rotation and then she will change to Immanual Hospital in Omaha. Adam is busy with work and his diabetic class. He's doing pretty good with following his meal plan. He's still cranky though. Can't say as I blame him. I'd be cranky too and it's nothing compared to how Abby was when she was diagnosed with Celiacs.

Well, my fever is up so I need to go take some meds and then I'm going to go plop my behind in my chair.

Have a great evening, thanks for all the comments on retreat. We really had a great time!

Take care!