Monday, February 27, 2012

Back from Nashville

I thought about coming home from work today and just plopping my large behind down on the sofa until bedtime...but since I really am trying to post a bit more often, I came home from work and plopped my large behind on the computer chair and here I am.

Got home from Nashville late last night.  It was a loooong drive home.  I didn't think the drive down there was too bad, even with the unexplained traffic back up on the interstate which we will now refer to as "the incident".  That's how Mary Ann's phone referred to it and since we saw no reason for the stoppage, we'll go with it.  And when I say we saw no reason, I mean no reason.  Traffic was backed up for miles which would lead one to think that something happened but when traffic started moving we saw nothing.  No flashing lights, no debris, no marks on the pavement.  I guess it will forever remain a mystery.

Market was great!  Spoke with a ton of designers, had cocktails with other shop owners, we bought a ton of charts, fabrics, and accessories and generally had a good experience.  There were some missing designers that I was hoping to see which was disappointing, and to me it felt like fewer shop owners were there but I could be mistaken.  I hope I am mistaken.  I would hate to see events like this disappear.

Saturday we're having Market Open House at the shop so this week we'll be busy getting everything ready.  But our Needleart Exhibit opens on the 1st so I need to get all the exhibitors pieces up on the wall first.  Should be able to get that done tomorrow.  

I'm fading fast here so I think I will head to bed.  Just wanted to get something posted, even if it is a bit boring.  Thanks for stopping in and thanks for the wonderful comments on the Double Dutch's .  The pictures don't do them justice.  Speaking of pictures not doing a piece justice, one last comment for tonight on market.  Cherries Jubilee by Glendon Place...Stunning in person.  The pictures don't show all the sparkle and dimension.  Check it out at your local LNS.

Good night everyone!

Take care till next time!