Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jumping back in

This post is dedicated to Vonna and others that have been asking me when I am going to blog again.  Apparently, some folks have noticed that I haven't blogged since November, well except for the picture I posted on the 4th of July.  This surprises me somewhat since I feel that most of the time I really don't have much of value to write about.  But in an effort to make those few folks happy I will try to blog a bit more often than once or twice a year.  No promises though!  In my defense I have thought about blogging off and on but after you are away from it for a while you start to think in terms of where do I start?  Do I go back to November and fill you in on the highlights of what has taken place in the last 8 months or just start from today and move forward.  It's an argument I have had with myself and myself has yet to decide what to do so I'm tossing it out to you all and I will let you make the decision.  Do you want to know the highlights of what's happened in the last 8 months or would you prefer I not go back in time and just go from here?

In response to Magee's comment on my last short post, yes Dan is still stitching although in recent months he's slacked off a bit due to a remodel of the basement that came up unexpectedly.  But I will share a picture of what he's mostly been working on (he's slipped in some model stitching for me here and there).  I think I posted a picture of it when he first started and as you can see, he is so close to being done.  He just has that nasty backstitching to finish but the basement comes first.

And with that I will finish this post and head down to the basement to see what I can get done.  I hope you are all enjoying summer and getting plenty of stitching time in too!

Take care till next time!