Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hope everyone had a great weekend and a good beginning to the week. I had a good weekend. Went grocery shopping for most of us at Walmart, came home unloaded and then went to HyVee for the gluten free stuff for Abby. Came home unloaded and went shopping to Kohls for Dan's birthday. They were having a big sale and then there was the early bird sale and on top of that I had a coupon for 30% off so I scored big time. Pretty much got the man a new wardrobe since he says there is something wrong with our closet. According to him when the clothes go into the closet they fit but when he takes something out to wear they are too small. I don't have the heart to tell him it's not the closet. I also bought some things for Amy for college while I was there and I found something I wanted for our anniversary that is coming up. Got home from Kohls, told Dan about it and made him go back with me to look at it. He bought it but I don't get it until August 2nd. :( But here's a hint, it's sparkly and comes in a small box. After Kohl's we headed to Lumber Liquidators. We had to look at flooring for Dan's parents so while we were there we also looked for the family room. Found some I really liked but no way in hell heck can afford and found some that Dan liked but I didn't so finally we compromised on one but it's still slightly out of our current price range. Too many medical expenses coming up. It was fun to look though. After that it was off to the shop cuz I left my cell phone there on Friday. Then I was supposed to make Dan his birthday dinner: fried chicken, potatoes, cream gravy, corn on the cob, biscuits, fruit salad and strawberry shortcake for dessert (all his requests) but sweet man that he is he knew my hip and ankle were hurting so he said we could put off dinner till Sunday. Sunday came and we had a lazy morning while waiting for the thrift stores to open. We had a successful treasure hunt, found some frog vessels, here is one Dan picked out:

Found some red transferware to go with my already existing red transferware. Some are chipped but I don't mind.

Had to bring these poor tarnished silver pieces home. The patina is awesome on these so I'm not sure I want to polish them up.
This coffee carafe might seem like a strange choice for those that know me and know I don't drink coffee but again I just thought it was a cool piece and I loved the patina. I just need to find a home for it now. Since I moved the little dresser out of the dining room and into the family room I can't put it there. Would have been a good place for it though.

The ladies working at the thrift store were oohing and ahhing over this black and white cup and saucer. They had apparently overlooked it or they would have bought it themselves they said.

And finally, Dan thought this piece was cool so we brought it home too. It'll look great in the kitchen I think.

Dan has been watching American Pickers lately and he was all over a pair of vintage sprinklers. He was practically foaming at the mouth and going on about how he could turn around and sell them like the guys on AP. They wanted $4.00 for each sprinkler which I thought was a tad high so told him we'd go home and research them and if they were worth anything he could run back and get them. Research showed they sell for $4.00- $16.00. Mostly the $4.00 though so he opted not to go back for them. I didn't take my camera with me, or I would have taken a picture of them. We had a good time and are looking forward to going again.

Abby had strep throat again last week. By the time she thinks she might be sick she's really sick and this was no exception. The Dr. told her a couple more days and she would have had an abcess again. He's sending her to the ENT to have her tonsils out. Why they didn't do it when they removed her adnoids years ago is beyond me. I remember saying I would prefer it if they did but the Dr. at the time didn't think it was necessary.

Adam booked his flight home for Labor Day. He's still working long days but he was able to go bowling with the guys from work this weekend and then he went to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls so at least he is getting a bit of relaxation in.

I've been stitching on three different projects so not a ton done on any of them but I'll share anyway. Last time I showed my progress on Golden Ice it looked like this:

Now it looks like this:
I started Plum Street Samplers Hare's Christmas cuz it's just so darn cute!

And I have had The Stitching Lady by Homespun Elegance in my stash for a while now so I started her too. Not sure I am crazy about the fabric or the floss on this one but I wanted to use what was available.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on the family room. I appreciate the kind words more than you know. Meari, I'll hunt down the picture I have of the treadle in it's before state. When I do I'll post it for you. That's it for now. Need to go start some supper and then it's So You Think You Can Dance night.

Thanks for stopping in, leaving comments and just being who you are.

Take care and have a great week!