Sunday, September 2, 2012

Was it you?

I hope everyone is enjoying the Labor Day Weekend!  We've been working around the house this weekend but this afternoon we took some time to go out and do a little thrifting.  I was looking for a specific treasure today.  I should never do that to myself because it always always always leads to disappointment.  I'd seen this picture on a blog somewhere (can't remember where, sorry if it belongs to you)

and decided that it was the perfect thing for my dining room wall.  And of course once the thought was in my head I just had to make it happen.  Have I mentioned that patience is not my greatest strength?  So after Dan was done doing this...

sanding the new base boards and door trim
 we went trip trap tripping off to my favorite thrift store where only 2 weeks ago I had seen the perfect trays for this project.  Apparently you've all seen the above picture too and got there before me because there wasn't a single solitary tray to be found.   Not one to be easily discouraged we hopped across the street to the Goodwill where we again found no trays.  NONE!  Now when have you ever gone to 2 different thrift stores and found no silver trays?  I was ready to call it a day but Dan made an executive decision to hit one more Goodwill before calling it quits.  I wouldn't say we scored at that store but we didn't leave empty handed.  We found 2 trays right off the bat.  And that was it for silver trays/dishes.

I saw this sweet little lamp, and she had a sister and I was really tempted to buy them.  Don't ask me why cuz they wouldn't go anywhere in the house but they are still stuck in my head tonight.

I found and bought this nice vintage oil has some chipping on the bottom but I don't care about that.  I think it will look great in my bedroom with my new coverlet and the Coverlet Houses I am stitching.  For now it's sitting in the guest room on the antique dresser I blogged about earlier this year.

And finally I picked up this cute little sugar bowl.  I'm sure you've seen the pattern before, it looks like it has cross stitch on it.  I'm hoping to find a flower frog to fit in it.  It was marked $4.98 but it only cost me .98 cents!

If you've been reading my blog for a while you might remember that going thrifting with Dan is something of an adventure.  Sometimes he's funny and sometimes he's embarrassing and today he was both.  I was busy scouring the shelves for silver trays and I hear him say BOSS!  I found my Halloween Costume.  And yes, he does call me Boss. He's done that since our first year of marriage.  It has something to do with a cartoon we used to watch on the 1, yes I said one, channel we could get on our black and white TV.   Can't remember the name of the cartoon but the stupid little toad called the other character Boss and it stuck.  Plus he says he's seen that job and he doesn't want it.  Anyway, I digress.  Getting back to the Boss I found my costume I turn around and what do I see but this...

can you guess what he plans to be for Halloween?  

I just shook my head and went back to my search while trying to ignore the snickers from the people around me.  Dan caught up with me a couple of rows later and I showed him the sweet pink lamps.  And then he said he had something he needed to show me.  I should have faked a headache at that point but I was hoping it was going to be something we were actually looking for.  It wasn't.

I think I'll stop here for now and leave you in suspense.  Not so much to torture you but there is a story behind his find and it will take a bit to share it.  This chapter is already long so really I'm doing it for your own good.  LOL!!  I can remember my mom saying that as she made me eat soap!  

Have a great Labor Day tomorrow!

Take care till next time!