Sunday, February 3, 2013

I got nothing...

I'm sorry folks but I have nothing of value to say.  I've been waiting for something to happen that I could talk about but so far nothing has come up. This is not altogether a bad thing.  At least I don't have long horrifying stories about how screwed up everything is!  But it does make for dull blog posts.

I was sick as you know, Amy got sick, then Dan got sick, but we are all in varying stages of recovery.  I don't feel like telling you all about the trials and tribulations of having the flu and really, no one wants to hear about snotty noses anyway as you've probably had your own recently.

I have the retreat project stitched and tweaked finally  but I can't talk about that until May except to say that it's very cute!  So no stitching of my own to talk about at this point.

Other retreat things are taking up my free time and I can't talk about that either!

A commentary on the weather is about as exciting as watching water boil.

I even made a special trip today to the thrift store to see what I could see and I took Dan with me since he's usually good for a laugh or two.  He was not inspired.  I saw nothing of interest with the exception of this big weaving loom that was pretty cool.  Not something I would ever want but still interesting to look at. But it isn't something I can talk about at length.

I did have a birthday during my absence.  The kids gave me a Coach purse.  It's beautiful but to be honest, I'm afraid to carry it around in case someone steals it!

Dan gave me a case of my very favorite Goose Island Root beer.  Now you might think that a case of root beer is a bit strange to receive as a gift.  What you don't know is I love root beer, but it has to be smooth going down.  Goose Island is smoooooooth.  Our local grocery store quit carrying it about a year ago so imagine my surprise over Christmas when I spied a display of it on an end cap.  It wasn't being sold in a 6 pack anymore.  Instead it was being sold by the one liter bottle.  So I bought a bottle.  I hadn't had any root beer in a year or so and it was calling my name.  Oh was it good.  Sadly, when I went back to buy another bottle, they were all gone.  Oh well I thought,  that's 480 calories I didn't really need to be drinking anyway.  Enter my husband. Sneaky little man had already bought a case of it and stashed it under the village in the basement and on the morning of my birthday I came downstairs to find a large wrapped present on the kitchen table with a note attached saying...Have a drink on me!  I was thinking WTH does that mean as I tore off the paper to find my case of Goose Island.  Now i know I should have groaned and cursed the man for bringing an entire case of this crack soda into the house but I gotta be honest and say Damn! I love that man and boy does he know me or what!??  To prevent myself from over indulging I am limiting myself to one bottle per month. I had him take the case to the basement and put it back under the village where it will stay out of sight out of mind until I ask him to bring up a bottle.

February's bottle
My friend Connie must tuck little bits of information away in that maze she calls a brain.  I swear I don't know how she manages to remember some of the things I say but she does and for my birthday she gave me a couple of flea market/vintage decor magazines and Prairie Schooler's Autumn Samplers leaflet.  Something I had mentioned wanting  back in November I believe.  It's OOP so she had to track it down and get it second hand for what she says was a reasonable price.

She also included this sweet pair of  Scissors from Sullivans.  So pretty!

Finally, my friend Mary Ann, owner of Reflections, gave me a gift card to Texas Roadhouse, one of my fave places to eat, some scrumptious chocolate from Stam's (sorry no picture, I ate it already) and some great smelling Bath & Body Works items.

After all that wonderfulness I figured my birthday was over and life would just continue on till next year rolled around.  Not so my friends.  Dan had one more trick up his sleeve.  Arriving home from work 2 days after my birthday, I grabbed the mail and entered the house.  Dan had stayed home that day since he was sick with the crud but he grabbed the mail out of my hands as soon as he saw I had it.  Thumbing through it he pulled a slip of paper out that said there was a package waiting for us at Fed Ex. Putting his coat on he told me he had an errand to run.   I told him he was sick and whatever it was could wait but he wouldn't hear of it so off he went.  When he got back home he handed the package to me and said Happy Birthday.  I was a bit confused but not one to turn down a present I set about opening the package.  Inside was a Millennium Frame!

Frame with what little stitching I have done on it. 
 To say I was surprised was an understatement.  I had mentioned wanting one after Christmas but Dan doesn't order on line so I didn't expect it to happen.  Sometimes he really surprises me and this was one of them!  I haven't had a whole lot of time to use it.  Just a few stitches here and there but I like it.  I think I need to get a smaller set of bars for it and the stand would be awesome too but for now I have figured out a way to hold it and stitch double handed which is something I have been wanting to try.  It's very well made, a bit heavy to hold in this size but still manageable.  Dan said he wanted to order the stand too but the buy button was grayed out so he couldn't.  I told him that was okay, Valentine's Day and Mother's day were just around the corner!!  LOL!!

Well would you look at that!  I did find something to write about after all.  Not the most exciting post in the world but better than a blow by blow of me watching water boil!

I need to get back to working on my projects so will call it a night.  Thanks so much for the comments on my previous post.  I do appreciate knowing that someone somewhere is reading my blog even if I don't write as often as I should.    I think I will work on creating some drama this week so I have something more exciting to talk about in my next post!

Take care till next time!