Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm so excited over this finish! For a mistake, I think it turned out to be an awesome piece, even if I do say so myself! LOL!! I debated for a good couple of days on the framing of this one. At first I thought I was going to use black suede mats, a fillet and either the rusty red or the aqua for an under mat. However, while beautiful, it just wasn't really tripping my trigger. After trying a bazillion different options I pulled a frame off the wall that I can honestly say in 6 years I have never pulled off the wall before. Well, except for when I would pull it off and say, gosh, this is a pretty frame, why haven't we used this on something, and then back on the wall it would go. Now Mary Ann understands why it's so hard for me to weed out the frames. Ya just never know when you might have need of one! So as promised, I am going to display this piece on the shelf in the library.

I also have an update on my Chatelaine. I got to stitch on it both Monday night and Tuesday night while over at Margaret's house watching TV. This week was the season finale for The Closer, I sure am going to miss Brenda Lee Johnson and her gang.

Amy started school today. She was pretty excited to go and was in a fairly good mood when I picked her up.
As we were driving to school this morning, we went right past a 4 car accident. All kids from the High School. I of course had to point out to Amy that that right there was the reason I don't want her driving to school. Remarkably she had no response to that! On the way to school to pick her up this afternoon, I passed another more serious accident, again kids from the high school. Putting a high school right off a busy highway where the speed limit is 55 and most people go 65 was a very stupid idea IMO. Not that anyone is going to listen to me. What's done is done. I'll just listen to Amy complain for the next 9 months about how all her friends get to drive to school and she doesn't even have a car. Build a bridge daughter and get over it. I doubt if I change my mind no matter how much you complain. I much perfer listening to you bitch than to never hear your voice again.

Looks like we might be going to get a storm here soon. I better get off the computer and go take the umbrella down on the deck. Have a good night everyone! Thanks for stopping!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Have you seen this??

Coming to a cross stitch store near you, the cutest little Halloween hat you will ever see! When I received the email from John at Just Nan I said to Mary Ann, "we need to get this." Unfortunately, we weren't on the automatics for these particular items and they were all sold out already! I was completely bummed out but all hope was not lost. No siree. There are parts of the world where they don't celebrate Halloween you know and they have the right to say no to their automatic which they did. So we have 4 of these cuties headed our way!

I haven't had much time to stitch this past week. It's been a whirlwind trying to find clothes for Amy for school and senior pictures, getting the pictures taken, returning clothes we decided not to keep, and in between all that I still had to work, clean house, cook meals, go grocery shopping, and work on the basement. This is the last week for me to work at the frame shop. We stopped accepting new orders last Wednesday and at that time I had 11 pieces of needleart, 2 Egyptian papyrus pictures, 2 diplomas, 3 train pictures, 1 volleyball picture, 1 wheat weaving, and a couple of other items I can't remember off the top of my head. I still have 2 needlearts to stretch, 10 needleart pieces to mat if needed and frame, 1 diploma to frame, the mats are finished and the couple of other items to mat and frame yet this week. My pinning finger was smoking I tell ya! The current plan is, by Sept 1, the cross stitch part of the shop will be moved next door to the vacuum cleaner shop and Mary Ann and I will be working over there. The framing part of the shop is on hold until probably November at which time we will be either moving it into the current vacuum shop or be moving it all to a new as yet to be determined location. Dan (my hubby) suggested a new name for the store, he'd like it to be called Stitch and Suck. :) Mary Ann does not like his suggestion. I suppose I don't really blame her for that. Here's my problem though with all 3 things in one store. The Name. The name on the building should reflect what is in the store. Right? If it stays Cornhusker Vacuum, no one will know that there is cross stitch and framing available. And to be honest, Reflections Gallery doesn't do us any good either. So what name could we choose to reflect all 3???? I can't tell you the hours I have spent in the middle of the night pondering just that very thing. Not that I have any say in it, but it's just good business in my opinion. If any of you out there have a good suggestion, please feel free to throw it out there. I can't guarantee anything will come of it but who knows. Stranger things have happened!

In other stitchy news, I want to say hi to Sandy from Papillion. Sandy found our shop through my blog! This makes me very very happy. Hi Sandy!!

I also want to say Congratulations!! to Mary and Merrilyn, two of our stitching and framing customers and also 2 of the nicest ladies you ever want to meet. They entered a few things in the fair in Des Moines, Iowa and won some blue and red ribbons with their stitching. I wish I had pictures to show you all. The pieces that I framed were beautiful!! I'm sure the ones I didn't were just as beautiful. Good job ladies!

Adam is not moving to New Orleans so he signed a new lease on an apt. Dan and I went over to check it out this weekend. I do not know what that boy was thinking! It hasn't been updated since it was built in the early 70's. It's filthy and the closet doors are tin. We won't even talk about what the bathroom looked like. The upside is he is allowed to do what ever he wants as far as painting and changing doors, light fixtures, carpet etc. The downside? As far as we know he would have to pay for it!!!! In my 30 minutes of looking I made a quick list of everything that needs doing....a thorough cleaning, the carpet needs replacing or at the very least a good cleaning, the wood work needs refinishing or painting, the entire apt. needs to be painted, the bathroom needs to be updated completely, all the light fixtures need updating, those metal doors are beat to crap and need replacing also. Not sure what all will be done but we started with paint. The main areas are to be painted Sherwin Williams Latte with an accent wall in a deep rusty red. The bathroom vanity will be painted black, the walls a silvery gray to go with his black/gray/white shower curtain and I have yet to determine the colors for the bedroom and den. He's going to be painting for the next month at least!

Abby is off in Colorado. She went with Jake to a wedding. They rode the train which excited Abby a great deal. I haven't heard much from her, the wedding was lame, the train station was ghetto, she got dizzy up on the mountain and fell but not off the mountain so it's all good. The mountains are beautiful. That is the gist of what she has texted. Their return train leaves Denver tonight at 8 so I will hear more tomorrow I'm sure.

School starts for Amy on Wednesday although she has to go today for a National Honor Society meeting and tomorrow for journalism. She's starting to get excited. She has finished her summer homework, reading Beowulf and 2 science based books. I'm so glad I'm not in school. Summer homework would suck and Beowulf would put me right over the edge. Amy of course enjoyed it. She's weird that way. Loves books written in poem form.

I best get my rear in gear and get a move on. Since Amy needs to be at school by 9 I have to leave for work early. We have to share a car. She'll drop me off at work and go to school and hopefully someone will remember to come pick me up at 6 tonight. Last week they forgot me. Twice!

Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by and commenting!