Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm so excited over this finish! For a mistake, I think it turned out to be an awesome piece, even if I do say so myself! LOL!! I debated for a good couple of days on the framing of this one. At first I thought I was going to use black suede mats, a fillet and either the rusty red or the aqua for an under mat. However, while beautiful, it just wasn't really tripping my trigger. After trying a bazillion different options I pulled a frame off the wall that I can honestly say in 6 years I have never pulled off the wall before. Well, except for when I would pull it off and say, gosh, this is a pretty frame, why haven't we used this on something, and then back on the wall it would go. Now Mary Ann understands why it's so hard for me to weed out the frames. Ya just never know when you might have need of one! So as promised, I am going to display this piece on the shelf in the library.

I also have an update on my Chatelaine. I got to stitch on it both Monday night and Tuesday night while over at Margaret's house watching TV. This week was the season finale for The Closer, I sure am going to miss Brenda Lee Johnson and her gang.

Amy started school today. She was pretty excited to go and was in a fairly good mood when I picked her up.
As we were driving to school this morning, we went right past a 4 car accident. All kids from the High School. I of course had to point out to Amy that that right there was the reason I don't want her driving to school. Remarkably she had no response to that! On the way to school to pick her up this afternoon, I passed another more serious accident, again kids from the high school. Putting a high school right off a busy highway where the speed limit is 55 and most people go 65 was a very stupid idea IMO. Not that anyone is going to listen to me. What's done is done. I'll just listen to Amy complain for the next 9 months about how all her friends get to drive to school and she doesn't even have a car. Build a bridge daughter and get over it. I doubt if I change my mind no matter how much you complain. I much perfer listening to you bitch than to never hear your voice again.

Looks like we might be going to get a storm here soon. I better get off the computer and go take the umbrella down on the deck. Have a good night everyone! Thanks for stopping!


Love to Stitch said...

Your La D Da framed is OUTSTANDING!!!!! I am in love with the frame!!!! It is so tiny, and you chose the perfect frame. You are making great progress on your Chatelaine, they are just so gorgeous. Driving is a serious thing, great choice on driving her. They seem to be driving younger and younger these days. (She will thank you some day) She is beautiful too!

Cari said...

Oh Julie - Your Live, Love, Laugh piece is simply stunning!! EXCELLENT job on frame selection!! Who would have though??? You have a wonderful eye girl!! Have a great week! Happy Stitching!

dixiesamplar said...

Julie...that frame is the perfect compliment to your lovely work!! Isn't it wonderful how things work out??!!

The WIP is quite the undertaking, but you are doing wonderfully at it!

I agree 100%, it's better to hear them bitch than to never hear them again!!!


Julie M said...

Thanks ladies! I'm glad everyone likes my choice. It's always harder for me to pick frames for my own stuff. I'm the same way with decorating. Easy peasy for someone else but I agonize over my own.

MommyDearest said...

LLL looks so good...better than good...gooder than good??
You are so correct about Amy. Better to hear her voice complaining then not hear it at all. My sister was killed in an MVA her senior year of high school so I know!!
I know it will be an interesting week next week for you and Mary Ann. I will be thinking of you!

Deb said...

That frame is absolutely perfect for your sampler. I'm still coveting it - it's so beautiful. And great progress on Alhambra!

And I agree with the above post with Amy driving - better she hear your voice complaining than not. My son is about to get his license and I'm, quite truthfully, scared to death.

Marnie said...

DITTO! Your framing is spot on perfect for your little sampler. LOVE IT a LOT!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I absolutely LOVE how your framed piece turned out - it is gorgeous!!! Your chatelaine is coming along nicely - I don't have the courage to undertake anything like that so I admire those that do! Your daughter and my son have the same complaint!!! Get over it - your wants won't kill you!

Rachel S said...

Love the frame. It gives a really luxurious matted feeling without a mat! Great!