Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Addiction, Stitching updates, Guessing game and Framed finishes.

It's snowing again. I was hoping the weather guy was wrong but nope, the little white stuff is once again falling out of the sky.

Today was laundry day. I had intended to stitch between loads but somehow I never got as far as my stitching chair. Zuma Blitz was calling my name. Have you played it yet? If you haven't, don't. It is waaaay too addicting. If you have, you know what I'm talking about. You keep playing and playing trying to better your score until you run out of mojo. Then you quickly run upstairs, grab a load of laundry from the bathroom floor, rush back down, switch the load in the washer to the dryer, hang up what can't go in the dryer, toss in the new load and run back to the computer to see if your mojo has reappeared. It's insanity. Then if your son happens to play the game, and he gets a better score than you do and he calls and says Bwwaahahaha and hangs up, well then you have to run to the computer to see just how bad he's beat you and then of course you have to try to beat him back so you can call him and go Bwwaahahaha back and hang up. Guess I can always finish the laundry this weekend.

Despite my addiction, I have been stitching although it feels like I've been stitching in place. Filling in that big center block is going to be the death of me.

In fact, I'm so bored with it that I decided to start something else just to give myself a break but it's not much better at this point! Bad choice on my part. Anyone wanna guess what this chart pictured below is? First follower to guess correctly will win a prize. Not gonna say what it'll be yet, I have a couple of ideas but I haven't quite decided.

Have a couple of framed finishes to share. I don't think I ever showed them framed up. The Stitching Lady by Homespun Elegance
And Holy Night from Shepards Bush

American Idol is on now so I think I will make this a short post for once and go sit down, watch the train wreck and maybe stitch some. Have a great night everyone!

Take care till next time!