Friday, April 8, 2011


In keeping with my vow to blog a bit more often, I thought perhaps I should pop in this morning and let you all know that I am leaving for retreat in a few minutes and will not be back until late Sunday afternoon.  The car is mostly packed (how one person can need so dang much for 3 days is beyond me!), just have the last few things that have to go.   One thing that won't be going is my brandy bread.  I was in the middle of mixing it up last night when my phone rang.  It was my older sister.  She never calls me.  Ever.  UNLESS she needs something.  I considered not answering the phone but figured that would be rude so I answered.  I was right, she needed something.  Apparently there was a strange smell in their house and could I come and identify it.  I sighed heavily and said I would be right over.  I couldn't leave them to die of carbon monoxide or something just because I knew it would mess up my bread could I?  No, I couldn't. So I drove on down the street and entered the house.  Yep, there was a funny smell.  Like something was hot.  I had no idea what it could be though and I couldn't even tell her who she should call.  It's not like there were flames or anything, just this smell of something hot.  I left after a half hour of looking for the source.  Her husband was home and I figured he could handle it from there.  Called her this morning and they are still alive and well, they think it was a piece of plastic on the heat lamp in the lizards cage, yep that would do it.  Anyway, all that was to say my Brandy Bread is not going with me to retreat because that half hour of wait time in the middle of mixing the ingredients did not do it any good.  It's edible but not up to par.  Oh well,  at least I earned brownie points with the big guy upstairs, or I hope so anyway.

I will take lots of pictures at retreat and give you the scoop when I get back.

Have a great weekend and take care till next time!



Yvonne..... said...

Can't wait to hear about the retreat. Don't leave out any details - LOL! Have fun!

Carole said...

Hey, we can put your Brandy Bread with te cookies I was making to bring. Edible but not good to share. Andy will be happy that I left him the whole container.

See you in a few . . .

Pat said...

Have a great time!