Monday, September 21, 2009

Home from Retreat and the rest of the craft room

What a great weekend! I don't know about anyone else but I had an awesome time and can't wait to go again!I'll post more about our trip when I get the pictures all ready to go. In the meantime I'm going to finish up the tour of the craft room.

Next up in the tour is the corner which has my peg board that holds a lot of the embellishments used for scrap booking. It also has the dresser we bought at the thrift store and fixed up. I talked about that in an earlier post. I keep tools, printer paper and other misc. stuff in the drawers. I keep my cuttlebug, mini storage bins, family pictures and such on the shelves.

Moving over to the next corner, I have a bookcase that houses my scrapping magazines.

On top of the bookcase I have a spinner that Dan built for me to store my mill hill beads. They used to be just dumped in a plastic bin and you had to dig through them to find something. Sometimes, you missed that you had something when you were digging and then you went and bought a new package that you didn't really need. I was going to just put them on peg board like my scrapping embellishments but I was running out of wall space and Dan kept saying, "you're covering up all my nice green walls" so I took the hint and said if you don't want your nice green walls covered, build me a mini spinner! POOF! He disappeared in a puff of smoke and when he reappeared he was carrying this!

Perfect! Just Perfect! I love having a handy husband. Makes my life so much easier. I am truly spoiled.

To the right of the bookcase is the Barbie closet. Not all the barbies are in this closet though. I have too many for that but a good bit of them are here as well as the clothes and accessories. I love to build dioramas starring the girls so I have a lot of accessories. It's kind of like decorating only on a smaller scale. Behind the dolls you can see, are 2 more rows of dolls only they are sideways to fit more in.

Then we have the craft closet where the rest of the cross stitch supplies live as well as the sewing and crafting supplies.

On the top shelf are all my cross stitch and quilting magazines as well as other crafting books.

I keep my charts in page protectors and store them in binders. Except for my Paula Vaughn charts, they don't fit in a standard page protector. So they are stored with the magazines. The binders keep the charts from being beat to crap in a drawer and, if I want to, I can organize them by designer, or alphabetically or by theme. Whatever works best for me. Right now, they aren't organized at all except that they are all in the binders instead of a drawer like they were.

The middle shelf holds all the photos to be scrapped on the left, to the right of the pictures you'll see the box I keep the overdyeds in (for now), the floss bobbin boxes and the tremendously expensive floss for the Peace Sampler that I blogged about in an earlier post.

Next to that I have button and loose craft bead storage, sewing supplies, quilting supplies and just misc. craft supply storage. All drawers are labeled so if someone other than myself is crafting, they can find things easily.

The next shelf holds the bins of overflow floss I talked about in my floss storage post, in the middle are two bins. The left bin has finished cross stitch pieces that aren't framed, the right one has the dreaded UFO's.

Sitting on the floor on the left are my drawers of cotton fabric for quilting and crafting. In front of them are my Bernina and my Singer Featherweight sewing machines.

Next to the fabric is a file cabinet where I keep kits and kitted up projects.

and finally are more drawers that contain quilting supplies and rubber stamps.

That's pretty much it for the craft room. I'm still working on my overdyed storage system. I think I have something figured out but want to tweak it a bit before I share.

I need to go unpack my bags from this weekend and then I think I have to clean my bedroom. The dust bunnies are getting larger than the dogs!

Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping in!


Natasha said...

Okay I have to say WOW!! When I envision a room for myself, this is what I would see. Your craft room is such an orginized space. I could easily spend MANY hours crafting away.

Thanks for sahring your pictures :)

Meari said...

What a great craft room tour!! It looks great.

Jan said...

All I can say is WOW! What organization!

Daffycat said...

Oh, I love exploring your craft room.

ROFLMAO Hey! I had one of those orange & yellow Barbie vans! Now, everything comes in pink, pink or pink.

Barbi said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! Barbie's Camper!!!! I loved mine!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What an awesome space! I love how organized you are with everything in it's place and a place for everything!

wausie said...

Me next!!! I have 1/4 what you do so it won't take you long to organize me! LOL. Missed you this weekend. Anxious to hear about the trip.

Julie M said...

I missed you too Linda. There will be no excuses allowed for the next one!

Thanks everyone for liking the room. It makes all the hard work worthwhile when you can share it with others!

Cindy F. said...

Oh my gosh girl!! You guys have done an absolute amazing job on your craftroom!! It's beautiful! so organized and pretty! I'm still working on mine and yours just made me want to work harder!! GREAT JOB!!

So glad you had a good time at your retreat and can't wait to see your pics:)

Rachel S said...

That looks so nice. How hard would a spinner be to make?

Julie M said...

Rachel, it didn't take him very long to build it. I know he had to run to Menards to find a lazy susan and he used scraps we had lying around in the garage. I don't think it was a hard project.

Deb said...

Wow, all I can say is that you have an excellent space for your crafts. I have gained a lot of ideas for mine and I thank you for that! It helps that you have a very handy husband. Mine is, but not for my things! :( The guys at Home Depot have been most helpful. I threatened DH that the boys at HD are winning over my heart! LOL

Anyway, I absolutely love your space and love that you collect Barbies.

Marnie said...

When I die and go to heaven, I'm pretty sure this is what it will look like. Gorgeous!!! Love the wall color and the white furniture.