Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thanks for the Village comments and a finish!


Thanks for all the lovely comments on the village. I'm glad you enjoyed looking at it. We are already talking about modifications for next year. Have to find someplace for the new buildings to go!

Well, it's over. The presents are unwrapped, the gifts have been oohed and ahhed over, the food has been eaten and my hips have enlarged. All this dispite the fact that Rudolph couldn't make it through the blizzard! It was an interesting holiday this year. The predicted storm set people into panic mode, including the weather forcasters. First the storm was going to hit on Wednesday and there would be a half inch of ice followed by a foot of snow. This resulted in a phone call from the in-laws on Monday night. They were concerned we would be unable to make it up there on Christmas Eve. On top of that, G'ma Jo figured out that with us coming up there, she would have to cook a meal that someone with gout could eat, someone with diabetes could eat and someone with a wheat allergy could eat. Maybe it would be better if they came to us instead. Now this is a very big deal for them. They feel we don't come up there often enough, so an offer from them to come here instead of us going there was earth shattering. I was fine with that. It's easier for me to cook in my own kitchen than in someone elses' anyway and it looked as though I would be cooking. Tuesday arrived and now the storm was going to hit on Thursday and last until Saturday. This again resulted in another phone call. Things weren't sounding so good for Christmas Eve. We were now in lets wait and see and call you tomorrow mode. Wednesday arrived, Adam was released from work at 1:00 so everyone could make it home before the storm hit. He decided that riding it out over here would be better than being stuck all alone in his apartment. Besides he said, the food would be better at home. He arrived that evening and still no real storm. Some sleet, some freezing rain off and on but nothing too bad. The promised phone call arrived from the in-laws. We Think we will come in the morning. We're pretty sure, but we'll call you again in the morning to see what is happening. Now by this time, the forcasters have said the storm, commonly referred to as Snowmageddon in these parts, will arrive Thursday afternoon. The in-laws plan was to get here by 10:30 and leave by 1:00 to beat the worst of it. At this point I am starting to get a bit irritable. I've been shut up in the house for 2 days now with Abby and Amy, they don't play well together for long periods of time. Abby requires a social life to maintain her sunny attitude and there was no social life to be found. So my nerves were fraying and now we can't make a frigging decision to save our soul. We THINK we might come might as well be we ARE coming as I have to start cooking at sometime in order to have it ready for their fly by visit. However, if I start the cooking and they don't come, we are going to be eating a lot of leftovers! I had decided to make brunch. A double batch of 3 cheese ham puff, pumpkin muffins, Brandy bread (both with and without wheat), bacon, sausages, toast, plus grape and orange juice. I made all the breads that night, chopped up what I could for the ham puffs and went to bed. Thursday morning arrived and there was very little happening outside. The 1/2 inch of ice never happened. The snow was no where to be seen. Dan was making fun of the weather guys and going on about the Snowmageddon that wasn't while they kept saying it was coming.... soon. I kept telling him to be quiet, you are tempting fate. The in-laws called and said they were not going to make it. They had 5 inches of snow and it just wasn't a good idea. I agreed but thought that decision could have been made the night before. And then it hit. No ice but a foot of blowing and drifting snow. At times we thought the roof was going to blow right off the house. Amy said she thought about crawling into my bed Christmas Eve night. Church services were canceled all over the city. Christmas Morning arrived and still the snow was coming down. Who's laughing now Dan, huh?? Guess who will be shoveling for the next 3 days? That's right buddy, YOU!! Our normal routine on Christmas Morning is to eat breakfast and then open gifts. In the afternoon, we head over to my parents house. Not this year. This year we had Brunch. Followed by an hour and a half of waiting for Abby's boyfriend to arrive through the blizzard. I thought he should have stayed home but apparently my daughter, princess Abby told him she would TRY not to be mad at him if he couldn't make it. In laymans terms that pretty much means show up or pay through the nose for the next week or two. I didn't know she had done that or I would have said something to her. Well, I said something to her anyway but it was too late by then, he'd managed to make it here and the storm by that time was starting to lessen in intensity. Without 4 wheel drive though, we weren't going to go anywhere and that included my folks' house. So for the first time in my life, I did not have Christmas at my parents. This was somewhat strange for me and surprisingly enough, it really bothered the girls. A taste of things to come. We took our time opening our packages and then the "kids" headed downstairs to play Wii. I sat in my chair and stitched and Dan snored on the sofa. He was storing up the energy he was going to need to dig out, not only us but the 2 widow ladies across the street. So, here it is Sunday night. We have had brunch everyday now for 4 days and still we have more to eat! I'm so sick of pumpkin muffins and brandy bread I could scream. I did freeze some of it but apparently I should have frozen more! Christmas with the in-laws is still somewhat iffy. Abby might have to work New Years Eve and day. Dan's sister has to work the weekend. They are not pleased. We are going to my folks on New years afternoon. But 2 of the cousins will not be attending as they left on a bus yesterday afternoon for Florida to march in the band at the Gator Bowl. The bus was supposed to leave at 4:00am Saturday Morning. The last I heard from my niece it was 1:00p.m., pizza had been ordered and the buses were still 3 hours out. Glad I didn't have to deal with that whole mess!
Dan is moving very slowly today. Digging out is hard work even when you have help. Bet he doesn't mock the weather guys again any time soon! I was unable to make any of the early bird sales at the stores. The plow didn't come by until afternoon by which time everything was pretty picked over. And can you believe they wouldn't honor the early bird prices even though I explained I was unable to get out of the driveway! The nerve of some people. LOL!! Here are a couple pics of the snow for you. Snow just doesn't photograph well, have you noticed that?

Here is our mailbox across the street. The plow went by right when Dan and Adam were done with Margaret's driveway and the snow is now even with the top of the mailboxes!

Here is Adam working over at Theresa's house. The sidewalk was drifted about 3 ft. deep he said.

Our back yard

The drift in front of the basement doors:

And finally our grill. Won't be using that any time soon will we.

All this snow has pretty much obliterated any sign of Fall that was left. We won't be seeing any grass or dried leaves for quite some time to come so I guess it is fitting that I finished my Signs of Fall project. I modified the chart just a bit. Here is a pic with the original chart with my finished piece.

Once again I rambled on and I could continue for days I think but I better call it quits. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and were able to enjoy it with friends and family. Till next time, thanks for stopping by and I love reading the comments so keep them coming!


Anonymous said...

Julie, reading your blog is the highlight of my week. I check it several times a day to see if you have an update!! I really need to get a life, don't I?? LOL!!
Adam was smart and made it over to Mom's early so he wouldn't be alone...unlike my daughter!! Bellevue is so close but so far away when there is a blizzard!! LOL!! Gosh you had great wonder everyone wanted to be there...I want to be there!! LOL!!
Thanks for another glimpse into your life....always a treat!!
See you Saturday!

Cari said...

No snow here in Florida but I sure enjoyed reading all about yours!! My goodness...I'd still be down for a winter's nap if there was that much snow in my yard!! Your stitched piece is BEAUTIFUL. I love the colors.... thanks for sharing. Have a great week!! Hugs and stay warm!

Love to Stitch said...

You have had some excitement this week! Great you enjoyed your family, and changing things up a bit is always interesting, but it will be for the better I am sure! Nice pics of the snow, ours is all gone now, I hope we dont get more! Nice finish on Signs of Fall!! What a great feeling for 2009!!!! Happy New Year!!

santadeb said...

Well always fun to get an update at happenings in your life, we all survived the snow for now and are thankful for it being over and able to get out....was a very unusual Christmas for many but am glad you were all safe and sound. The food sounds wonderful...I love brunch best of all! The finish turned out to frame!LOL!

Rachel S said...

After last week, I will not longer dream of a white Christmas. Not if we're going anywhere. Hate snow! I hope you're getting dug out. Merry Christmas. Your finish is amazing!

Daffycat said...

Oooo, a beautiful finish, Julie!

Wow, you got a lot of snow! But are you kidding? Dig that grill out and fire it up! LOL