Friday, January 15, 2010


It was a beautiful drive to school today! I wish I could share the beauty with you but by the time I got home, grabbed the camera and went back out, most of the beauty in my hood was already melting. Apparently, the term for this is Hoarfrost! I just thought it was cool! All the trees had this beautiful white coat on today and even Amy, who is normally still comatose on the ride to school noticed. I commented to her on how pretty the trees were and she said, "Yeah, I was just trying to remember if they always looked this way in the morning." Great powers of observation ya got there hon. So my pics aren't the best but I thought I'd share anyway.

Yesterday, on her way out to the car, Amy slipped on the ice. She does this at least once a winter. Normally it's her knees that take the brunt of the fall. She's had 3 knee scopes and still has pain and swelling that bothers her all the time. So yesterday when she knew she was going to fall she tried to save herself by sticking her arm out to prevent hurting her knee. That didn't work too well for her. Both her wrist and shoulder are messed up. One is in a sling while the other is in a brace. I don't think she broke anything but she did severely sprain the wrist and dislocate the shoulder.

Missy pup is still not doing well. I hope the meds kick in soon. I feel so bad for her.

Abby has been complaining lately that there are birds in the attic above her room. This is not the first time she has had this complaint. For years she complained about it and Dan and I ignored her and made jokes about Joe the Hobo that lived up there. She continued to complain until finally, I sent him up there to see what he could see. After he reported his observations back to me I sent a camera up so he could take a picture. She was right. There were birds living above her room. We fixed the problem, cleaned up the mess and went about our business. Until the next spring when she started complaining again. Up Dan went. This time, I scrapbooked the whole thing. (click on picture to make larger)

The boys promised me that this time they had fixed it for good. No way were any birds getting in there again. They were wrong. We've never had them in the winter though so I guess we know which bird it is. The doves aren't here this time of year. Not sure what we will try this time but Dan says he's not going up there until the weather warms up a bit. Abby is just going to have to live with the chirping till spring.

I did not hear from Candi so I asked Adam to choose a number between 1 and 38. He chose 15. The 15th person to post on that thread was..... Meari! So Congratulations to Meari!! I have emailed you!

And finally, here is my progress as of last night on Quaker Diamonds.

Still liking this project a lot! Tonight I'll work on the Princesses again. But first we're going to take my Texas Roadhouse gift card and go out to dinner. I was with a customer today from 11:45 until 3:30 and I never got lunch. This means, I can eat tonight and not feel guilty! It's about time to go so I better get ready. Have a great weekend everyone!! Thanks for stopping by!


Kristin said...

Beautiful pictures!

Kim B said...

Great progress pic! I hope Amy feels better soon! I am known for tripping over my own two feet constantly (I like to say I'm experiencing turbulence) so I am especially scared to walk outside in the icy snow!

Blu said...

Lovely photos! The hoarfrost is beautiful!

Daffycat said...

Oooo, gorgeous frosty pictures!

The Damn Birds story has me giggling! I'll put my money on blackbirds or starlings. I hope you can figure a way to keep them out of the attic!

idontknow said...

Wow on the frost, ouch Amy, and OH MY on the dam birds! You always give me a chuckle Julie, even when things are not all sunshine and roses.