Monday, May 24, 2010

Be careful what you wish for.....

I have been wishing and hoping for the last 6 months that hot weather would arrive. This past weekend, it did. With a vengeance. There was only one tiny little problem with the high temps and humidity. When I turned the air conditioner on, it didn't work. Oh it runs just fine. It just isn't cooling. At. All. Dan and the BIL did what they could to try and fix it to no avail. It got up to 90 degrees in the house both Saturday and Sunday. Factor in the humidity and you have all the makings for a thoroughly miserable weekend. I am hoping and praying that I can get someone to come out and fix it. But I am not feeling confident that they will. Most of the heating and cooling places in town have gone to what they call a contract. You pay them a set fee that is usually around $300.00/yr that is supposed to cover your spring and fall tuneups. Those customers with the contract get priority service, meaning they will get help first over those without a contract. Last fall my contract expired. I had requested they bring a contract with them when they came to check the furnace. They forgot. I thought since we had just replaced the inside a/c unit last summer and the outside unit 3 summers ago that it wasn't a big huge deal and we'd just take care of it this spring. See what happens when I think, wish and hope? Now we all suffer.

I have also been wishing and hoping for a weekend that I could just sit and do nothing. I'm happy to report that is exactly what happened this weekend. NOTHING! I couldn't even stitch because my hands were too sweaty to hold the needle. I think I will hold off on the wishing and hoping for a while. It's just not working out very well.

NO progress has been made on Golden Ice. I started an ornament and have been working on that. It's by Blackberry Lane Design. Beautiful ornament. Looks like this:

Of course, my version is not that beautiful yet. I started stitching this as it was called for. 40 ct. linen cross stitched 1 over 1. I did not like I frogged it, and may I just say that was a royal pain in my behind, and then started over using the tent stitch 1 over 1 and I am liking it waaaaay better. Wha'cha think?

Don't go by the colors on the first pic. That lead wise man looks like he'd be fuschia but in reality he is stitched in shades of red/burgundy. Love the shading in this piece. And actually, the 40 count isn't all that bad most of the time!!

Update: I started calling heating and cooling places at 8 a.m. this morning. So far I have a bunch of we can't get to you until Friday or next week. Or leave your name and number and we'll call you back. Or I sat on hold forever. Or a busy signal. Looks like the dogs and I will go to work today. I can't leave them here by themselves. Yesterday it was cooler outside than it was inside.

To top it all off I am feeling very lopsided today. In the midst of all the sweating going on this weekend, I broke the underwire on my last good bra. I hate when that happens. I have very short shoulders and therefore I have a terrible time keeping the straps up on the left side. Don't ask me why only the left side but if one falls down, it's always the left one. Anyway, I happened to find this one bra that this didn't happen so I bought a few of them thinking I would go back and buy a couple more the next time they were on sale. Nope!! Next time Kohl's had bras on sale they no longer had this bra. So over time, one by one the underwire has broken until I was left with this last final bra. And lest you think I have been running around wearing just one bra I do have others, it's just the straps all fall down or the underwire comes up so far on the sides that it pokes me in my fat underarms so I only wear them while the good one is being cleaned. So if you happen to be in Kohl's and see a woman in the bra dept. and one boob is nice and perky and the other is drooping, you'll know who she is and why she's crooked!

Have a great day everyone! Thanks for stopping in and commenting!



Larisa said...

Very fine job!!! Good luck with it!
Oh, I wish we had a little warm weather here ))))

Margaret said...

Sorry it's so hot there. I love your ornie progress! Pain to frog, but I like the results! I tend to think that over one on 40ct is a bit too packed and tent works better. Only with words can I manage a 40ct over one that looks good. But that's me. :D

Hazel said...

What an amazing ornie. Stunning detail. We are going through a hot spell here but we don't have air con so just sitting and sweating it out. x

Rachel S said...

That ornament is LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY. Great start.

I am sorry about your AC. Been there done that, had a meltdown over it.

Jan said...

Bummer about the AC. Hope you get it fixed soon.

The ornament looks lovely so far.

I have the exact same problem with the bra strap. Every bra I have, the left strap slips. I've come to the conclusion that I must be slump shouldered! LOL.

Cari said...'re so funny!! Sorry about the AC. I spent one 4th of July without air....what a mess it was. Oh I hope you can get someone out soon! Or...just go to Starbucks and stitch..... HUGS

Meari said...

I could help but giggle at your woman in Kohl's comment. Just so you don't feel alone, I have the same problem with the left strap falling down all the time. :(

Your new start looks nice so far.

And I hear ya on the heat! The weather has been wicked. My CA went out last year so I'm using window units.

Deb said...

I just love that ornament you picked. I bought one of her charts too - the A&E one because she does some incredible designing. It's going to be a wonderful finish!

I hope that someone can get out before Friday to fix your air. We got really hot here the past few days and I would probably sleep in the basement or a hotel if I could afford it if our air went out.

Siobhan said...

Ah, the Lopsided Boobette Syndrome. It's happened to me many a time. I need underwire to support the girls but they inevitably snap. If the bra is still relatively decent with support, I will cut out both underwires and wear the bra w/o it. Inevitably too much flopping happens and I'm off in search of a new over the shoulder boulder holder. Blergh.

Sorry to hear about the A/C issues. That happened to us when we lived in the US during the middle of a heat wave--because it ONLY happens then--and we had to keep getting freon added till we bought a new system. I hope yours is an easier fix!

Love the ornament!

idontknow said...

Julie, always good for a chuckle even when things are down and out!

And I mean down and out!
Thanks lady!

Elaine said...

Beautiful ornie.
Hope your shoulder boulder is back in
Good luck getting your heating fixed.